Fred Burman

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Fred Burman

Post  Guest on Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:11 am

Vocal Range: F2-B5
Voice Type: Tenor

Significant High Notes:
B5 ("Missy")
G♯5 ("Moth And Flame", "We Suck Your Blood")
G5 ("Hard Way Honey", "A Bit Of Hell")
F♯5 ("Who Do You Voodoo", "Missy")
F5 ("Radio", "Hard Way Honey", "Heartbeaker")
E♭5 ("Radio", "Moth And Flame", "Karma Babe")
D5 ("A Bit Of Hell", "Make It Rain", "Candy In Mouth", "We Suck Your Blood", "Heartbreaker")
C5 ("Her Pretty Head", "Go Go Go")
B4 ("Leave Me Alone", "Missy")
B♭4 ("Who Do You Voodoo", "Radio", "Moth And Flame", "A Bit Of Hell")
A4 ("Who Do You Voodoo", "Her Pretty Head", "Go Go Go", "Destroyer", "Karma Babe", "Missy", "She's My Sister")

Significant Low Notes:
A2 ("Her Pretty Head", "Go Go Go", "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", "Leave Me Alone", "Candy In Mouth", "She's My Sister")
G♯2 ("We Suck Your Blood", "She's My Sister")
G2 ("Go Go Go", "A Bit Of Hell")
F2 ("A Bit Of Hell")

*Orange marks notes with questionable registers: absolutely no use figuring out these.
*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Red marks extremely bad, unimpressive or unintentional notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

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