Mark Wahlberg

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Mark Wahlberg

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:57 am

Current status: UNFINISHED

Voice Type: Tenor
Vocal Range F♯2-C♯5

Significant High Notes

C♯5-(''Octopussy Theme'')
C5-(''Octopussy Theme'', ''Feel My Heat'')
B4-(''The Touch'', ''Feel My Heat'', ''Octopussy Theme'')
A4-(''The Touch'', ''Feel My Heat'', ''You gotta believe'', ''Shit on the floor (scene from 'ted')'', ''little sixpense'')
G♯4-(''The Touch'')
G4-(''The Touch''),(''Feel My Heat'', ''Thunder Buddy Song'', ''You gotta believe'')
F♯4-(''Shit on the floor (scene from 'ted')'', ''You gotta believe'', ''Good Vibrations'', ''Thunder buddy song'')

Significant Low Notes

C3-(''Life In the streets'')
B2-(''Good Vibrations'')
A2-(''Life In the streets'', ''Good Vibrations'')
G♯2-(''Good Vibrations'')
G2-(''Life in the streets'', ''Good Vibrations', ''Little Sixpense'')
F♯2-(''Life In the streets'', ''Good Vibrations'', ''Little Sixpence'')

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