Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean

Post  Guest on Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:10 am

Voice type: Baritone
Vocal range: B1-G5

Significant high notes:

G5 ("Thinking About You")
F5 ("Sweet Life")
E5 ("Bad Religion", "Thinking About You)
C5 ("Pyramids", "Strawberry Swing", "Sweet Life", "Swim Good", "There Will Be Tears")
B4 ("Bad Religion")
B♭4 ("Monks")
A4 ("Bad Religion", "Pink Matter", "Swim Good")
G♯4 ("Lost", "Strawberry Swing", "We All Try")
G4 ("American Wedding", "Bad Religion", "Swim Good")

Significant low notes:

B1 ("Songs for Women")
D2 ("Oldie")
E♭2 ("Pilot Jones")
E2 ("Crack Rock")
F2 ("Lost", "Songs for Women")
F♯2 ("Fertilizer", "Forrest Gump", "Super Rich Kids")
G2 ("Lost", "Nature Feels", "Sweet Life", "Swim Good", "Thinking About You")
G♯2 ("Analog 2", "Love Crimes", "Snow White")
A2 ("American Wedding")
B♭2 ("Crack Rock", "Pyramids", "Super Rich Kids", "There Will Be Tears", "We All Try", "White")
B2 ("Pink Matter")
C3 ("Monk", "Thinking About You")

*Orange marks notes with questionable registers: absolutely no use figuring out these.
*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Red marks extremely bad, unimpressive or unintentional notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Quickly rising into a superstar status, Ocean's got a very warm and soulful, light baritone, which he is able to stretch up there quite well too. There's a lot of lower singing and smooth falsetto to be found on his songs, especially in the background vocals.


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Re: Frank Ocean

Post  voriox on Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:36 pm

wait... I'm confused as to the definition of modal-non modal (I'm a newbie) I know his g5 was in falsetto but what about that f5 and that e5 in Sweet Life and Bad Religion respectively? I know he belts high af in both of those songs, channeling an authentic tenor, so I don't see why they'd be in question

I'll listen to them now (I probably should have listened to them first lol) but are you referring to his belting there or his falsetto?


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