Eric Carr

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Eric Carr

Post  Guest on Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:42 am

Voice type: Baritenor
Vocal range: G2-E♭5

Significant high notes:

E♭5 ("Nightmare", "Black Diamond" live Australia 1980)
D5 ("Little Caesar", "Eyes of Love")
C♯5 ("Nasty Boys", "Can You Feel It", "Nightmare", "Heaven's on Fire" live)
C5 ("Eyes of Love", "Somebody's Waiting")
B4 ("Somebody's Waiting", "Can You Feel It", "Too Cool for School", "Heavy Metal Baby", "Nightmare", "You Make Me Crazy", "Mad Dog", "Black Diamond" live Australia 1980, "Young and Wasted" live)
A4 ("Mad Dog")

Significant low notes:

G2 (KISS play The Beatles 1990)
B2 ("Shandi", "Tiara", "Little Caesar")
C3 ("Heavy Metal Baby")

*Orange marks notes with questionable registers: absolutely no use figuring out these.
*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Red marks extremely bad, unimpressive or unintentional notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Carr had a weird voice... His high notes were often very strained and raspy live, but his studio recordings featured some very clean and relaxed higher notes. His timbre was that of a bright baritone, which, combined with his rather high tessitura, made singing the tenor parts easy for him. His speaking was quite low. For this, he is best described as a 'baritenor', a voice that possesses both significant baritone and tenor qualities.

He was one of my favourite members of KISS. Honestly, I prefer his version of "Beth" to Criss'.

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