Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES)

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Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES)

Post  DR54M on Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:55 pm

Voice type: Mezzo-Soprano
Total range: F3-G5
Sung range: F3-G5

Significant high notes:

G5: ("Tether?" "Lungs?")
F♯5: ("We sink")
F5: ("The mother we share")
E5: ("Leave a trace")
D♯5: ("Dead air", "Empty threat")
D5: ("Tightrope", "Gun", "Recover", "Lungs", "Leave a trace", "Get away", "Bela lugosi's Dead")
C♯5: ("Zvvl", "By the throat", "Clearest blue", "Down side of me", "Playing dead", "Bury it", "Bow down")
C5: ("Recover", "Gun", "Tether", "Night sky", "Lungs", "Strong hand", "Never ending circles", "Make them gold", "Empty threat")
B4: ("We sink", "Science/visions", "Keep you on my side", "Down side of me", "Bow down")
A♯4: ("Do i wanna know", "Tightrope", "The mother we share", "Lies", "Night sky", "By the throat", "Clearest blue", "After glow", "Get away")

Significant low notes:

B3: ("Recover", "Dead air", "Bela Lugosi's Dead")
A♯3: ("empty threat")
A3: ("Now is not the time", "We sink", "Leave a trace", "Make them gold")
G♯3: ("By the Throat")
G3: ("Tether", "Night Sky", "Get Away?")
F♯3: ("Clearest Blue")
F3: ("Night Sky?")

*Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured.
*Blue marks falsetto notes
*? marks notes i'm not sure about (some might be vocoder effects or just not there at all)


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Re: Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES)

Post  IhateMana on Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:50 pm

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