Tomi "Mr. Lordi" Putaansuu

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Tomi "Mr. Lordi" Putaansuu

Post  Insufficient_Platypus on Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:02 am

Also Known As: "Biomechanic Man", "Hulk from Hell" & "Mr. L"
Assosiated Acts: "Lordi" (1992-present) +many others with little information provided
Total Vocal Range: D1-C6

Significant High Notes:

C6: ("I Luv Ugly", "Rock The Hell Out Of You")
B5: ("Inferno" 1993 demo)
B♭5: ("Devil Is A Loser", "Inferno" 1993 demo)
A5: ("Blood Red Sandman" Live Hellfest 2013, "Cyberundertaker", "Biomechanic Man", "Get Heavy", "Hard Rock Hallelujah", "I Love It Loud", "Inferno" 1993 demo, "Midnite Lover", "Not The Nicest Guy", "Something Wicked This Way Comes", "Supermonstars (The Anthem Of The Phantoms)", "The Children of the Night")
G♯5: ("Hulking Dynamo" 1997 version, "Rock The Hell Outta You" Live Helsinki 2002, "We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)" Live Japan 2013)
G5: ("Bring It On (The Raging Hounds Return)", "Bringing Back The Balls To Rock", "Caught The Black Fire", "Chainsaw Buffet", "Devil's Lullaby", "Discoevil", "Dynamite Tonight", "Forsaken Fashion Dolls", "Get Heavy", "Hard Rock Hallelujah", "Haunted Town", "How To Slice A Whore", "Hulking Dynamo" 1997 version, "I'm The Best", "It Snows In Hell" Live Hellfest 2013, "Midnight Mover", "Playing the Devil (Bend Over And Pray The Lord)", "Schizo Doll", "The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile", "The house")
F♯5: ("Get Heavy" Live Raumanmeri 2003, "Give Your Life To Rock 'N' Roll" Live Moscow 2015, "I Love It Loud", "Load And Loaded", "Man Skin Boots", "Rock The Hell Out Of You", "Scarctic Circle Gathering", "Scare Force One", "Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir!", "We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)", "Would You Love A Monsterman")
F5: ("Biomechanic Man", "Blood Red Sandman", "Bringing Back The Balls To Rock", "Cadaver Lover", "Candy For The Canibal", "Cyberundertaker", "Dr. Sin Is In", "Girls Go Chopping", "Hard Rock Hallelujah" Live Eurovision Song Contest 2006, "I Am The Leviathan", "Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein", "The House", "We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)")
E5: ("Bite It Like A Bulldog", "Caught The Black Fire", "Chainsaw Buffet", "Deadache", "Give Your Life For Rock And Roll", "Granny's Gone Crazy", "Happy New Fear", "Midnight Mover", "Nonstop Nite", "Playing the Devil (Bend Over And Pray The Lord)", "Pyromite", "Raise Hell In Heaven", "Rock The Hell Outta You", "Scare Force One", "Sincerely With Love", "The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead", "They Only Come Out At Night", "Wake the Snake", "Who's Your Daddy")
D5: ("Bringing Back The Balls To Rock", "Happy New Fear", "Scare Force One", "Schizo Doll", "Something Wicked This Way Comes", "Take Me To Your Leader", "The Riff", "This Is Heavy Metal", "ZombieRawkMachine")
C♯5: ("Candy For The Canibal", "Paint In Blood")
C5: ("I Am Bigger Then You")
B4: ("Bite It Like A Bulldog", "Dynamite Tonight", "Horrofiction")
B♭4: ("Biomechanic Man", "Girls Go Chopping")
A4: ("Girls Go Chopping", "Hell Sent In The Clowns", "I Am The Leviathan", "I'm The Best", "It Snows In Hell", "Monsters Keep Me Company", "Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein", "Nonstop Nite", "Paint In Blood", "Raise Hell In Heaven", "Scare Force One", "Something Wicked This Way Comes", "The Riff", "This Is Heavy Metal", "We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)")
G♯4: ("Pet The Destroyer")
G4: ("Babez For Breakfast", "Blood Red Sandman", "Cadaver Lover", "Chainsaw Buffet", "Haunted Town", "Horrofiction", "I Am Bigger Then You", "It Snows In Hell", "Last Kiss Goodbye", "Monster Is My Name", "Schizo Doll", "She's A Demon", "The Dead Are The Family", "The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile", "The Night Of The Loving Dead", "The United Rocking Dead", "They Only Come Out At Night", "ZombieRawkMachine")
F♯4: ("Hate At First Sight", "I Luv Ugly", "Load And Loaded")

Significant Low Notes:

A2: ("Chainsaw Buffet", "Discoevil", "Get Heavy" 1997 version, "Girls Go Chopping", "Granny's Gone Crazy", "Icon Of Dominance", "Idol", "Man Skin Boots", "Midnite Lover", "Monster Monster", "Monsters Keep Me Company", "Pyromite", "SCG7: Arm Your Doors And Cross Check", "Sincerely With Love", "Would You Love A Monsterman")
G♯2: ("Granny's Gone Crazy", "They Only Come Out At Night")
G2: ("Babez For Breakfast", "Blood Red Sandman", "Call Of The Wedding", "Fire In The Hole", "Hard Rock Hallelujah", "Missing Miss Charlene", "Monsters Keep Me Company", "Schizo Doll", "The Deadite Girls Gone Wild", "The house", "Who's Your Daddy")
F♯2: ("Deadache", "Last Kiss Goodbye", "Man Skin Boots", "Rock The Hell Out Of You")
F2: ("Evilyn", "Get Heavy" 1997 version, "Pet the Destroyer", "The Deadite Girls Gone Wild")
E2: ("Candy For The Canibal", "God Of Thunder" Live Helsinki 2014, "Happy New Fear", "Haunted Town", "Hell Sent In The Clowns", "I Love It Loud", "It Snows In Hell", "Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein", "Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir!", "The Children Of The Night", "The Dead Are The Family", "The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead", "The Riff")
D2: ("Biomechanic Man", "Blood Red Sandman", "Devil Is A Loser", "I Am The Leviathan", "Schizo Doll")
C♯2: ("Forsaken Fashion Dolls", "Man Skin Boots", "Sincerely With Love", "Something Wicked This Way Comes")
C2: ("Dr. Sin Is In", "Happy New Fear", "Monster Is My Name", "Something Wicked This Way Comes")
B1: ("Forsaken Fashion Dolls", "Happy New Fear", "House Of Ghosts", "The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile")
A1: ("Bring it On (The raging Hounds return)")
F1: ("Schizo Doll")
E1: ("The United Rocking Dead")
D1: ("The Riff")

*Italics mark non-sung notes.
*Underlines mark notes found in backing vocals/harmonies.
*Grey indicates fried notes that still maintain a solid pitch.

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