Bridge Laviazar

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Bridge Laviazar

Post  iamnothing on Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:19 pm

Voice type: Contralto
Total range: G♯2-A5
Sung range: A2-F5

Significant high notes:
A5 ("Leader")
F5 ("Bright Black")
E5 ("Ghosts")
E♭5 ("Bright Black", "Leader", "Skywatcher", "Sun Moon")
D5 ("Bright Black", "Empty Now", "Ghosts", "Leader", "Skywatcher", "Soldier", "Sun Moon")
C♯5 ("Bright Black", "Empty Now", "Ghosts", "Skywatcher")
C5 ("Bright Black", "Empty Now", "Leader", "Never Forever", "Skywatcher", "Soldier", "Sun Moon")
B4 ("Empty Now", "Ghosts", "Leader", "Soldier")
B♭4 ("Ghosts", "Never Forever", "Skywatcher", "Sun Moon")
A4 ("Bright Black", "Empty Now", "Ghosts", "Soldier")

Significant low notes:
B3 ("Empty Now", "Ghosts", "Never Forever", "Skywatcher", "Soldier")
B♭3 ("Leader", "Sun Moon")
A3 ("Empty Now", "Ghosts")
G♯3 ("Leader", "Skywatcher", "Soldier", "Sun Moon")
G3 ("(wait...)", "Bright Black", "Empty Now", "Leader", "Skywatcher", "Soldier")
F♯3 ("(wait...)", "Bright Black", "Empty Now", "Ghosts", "Leader", "Soldier")
E3 ("Bright Black", "Soldier")
D3 ("Empty Now", "Leader", "Soldier")
C♯3 ("Ghosts", "Soldier")
B2 ("Empty Now")
A2 ("Empty Now")
G♯2 ("Skywatcher")

Italics denote non-melodic notes.
Underlines denote backing vocals or vocals buried in the mix.
Green denotes harsh/distorted notes.

Frontwoman for noise-rock band InAeona, possesses a rather low, raspy, powerful voice that compliments her music perfectly. She's not afraid to belt well into the fifth octave or growl and scream like a madwoman (see "Leader"), but her lows, especially on "Empty Now", would put some tenors to shame. All in all, she's on the same level as Cher or Maria Brink... if Maria Brink could actually sing worth a damn.

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