Paul Westerberg

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Paul Westerberg

Post  Your_Latest_Trick on Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:51 am

Voice Type: Drunk Baritone
Sung Range: G2-B4

Significant High Notes:

A5: "Red Red Wine"
C5: "Unsatisfied"
B4: "The Ledge", "Gary's Got a Boner"
B♭4: "Alex Chilton"
A4: "Favorite Thing", "20th Century Boy"
G#4: "Within Your Reach", "Answering Machine", "Dope Smokin' Moron", "I.O.U."
G4: "Unsatisfied", "Gary's Got a Boner", "I Will Dare", "Fuck School", "Hold My Life", "Lay It Down Clown", "The Ledge", "Red Red Wine"
F#4: "Alex Chilton", "Bastards of Young", "20th Century Boy", "Answering Machine", "Androgynous", "I Hate Music", "Left of the Dial", "Swingin' Party", "I.O.U."

Significant Low Notes:
E3: "Color Me Impressed"
D3: "Hold My Life", "If Only You Were Lonely"
C3: "Skyway"
A2: "Answering Machine"
G#2: "Androgynous"
G2: "Waitress in the Sky"

-The lead singer of the classic alternative rock band, The Replacements. Though his voice was by no means technically impressive, often yelling and straining anything at E4 or higher, his raspy "adolescent howl" became an essential part of The Replacements' willfully sloppy sound.

*Purple marks notes found in backing harmony or general backing vocal.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.


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