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Michael Bishop

Post  Insufficient_Platypus on Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:14 pm

Assosiated Acts: The Guilty (?), Gwar (1988-1995, 1998-1999, 2014-present), Kepone (1994-present), Misery Brothers (2007-present), Sarah White And The Pearls (?)
Voice Type: Tenor
Total Vocal Range: E♭2-E♭7
Melodic Vocal Range: F2-C♯6

Michael Bishop, otherwise known as "Beefcake The Mighty", Is a singer and a bassist most known for his contributions with the band "Gwar". He started off singing the backing vocals of quite a number of Gwar Tracks, before receiving several lead numbers in their second album and third album. He left the band in 1995 to focus more on his second band, Kepone, for which he had both bass and vocal duties. Several side projects later, he rejoined Gwar in 2014 after the death of "Dave Brockie" and continues to tour with them to this day.

His voice has a very high placement, allowing for huge shrieks as seen in songs like "Cool Place To Park", partly reminiscent of singers such as Devin Townsend. Later on in his career he developed a slightly darker tone, being able to sing down to middle 2nd octave in live performances, but losing quite a bit of his screaming ability. Currently he employs a rougher singing teqnique, similar to his late bandmate Dave Brockie.

WARNING: Due to Gwar's over the top stage presence, certain performances contain moments that could be considered NSFW. These performances are marked with a [!] next to them. Click At Your Own Risk.

Significant High Notes:

E♭7: ("GWAR Theme")
C7: ("Cool Place To Park" Live Cleveland 1993)
C♯6: ("Cool Place To Park" Demo version, "Im In Love With A Catfish" Live At The National RVA 2015 [!])
C6: ("Black And Huge" Live At  The Channel 1991, "Sonderkommando")
B♭5: ("Cool Place To Park", "GWAR Theme" Live 1992, "Thin Solution")
A5: ("Bad Bad Men", "Cool Place To Park" Live Trenton 1988 [!], "Stay Down",
G♯5: ("Bad Bad Men", "Cool Place To Park" Live At Toranto 1991)
G5: ("Cool Place To Park", "Jimmy Spit")
F♯5: ("Black And Huge" Live At The National RVA 2015 [!], "Pointless", "Prisoners", "Pussy Planet", "Thin Solution", "Ugly Dance")
F5: ("Black And Huge" Live At The Channel 1991, "Blue-Devil", "Eat Steel", "Fight", "GWAR Theme" Live In Amsterdam 1991, "Henry", "Liner Hymn", "Metal Metal Land" Live In Norfolk 2015, "Some Pig", "Stay Down", "Superfucker", "Ugly Dance", "Wrong")
E5: ("Pussy Planet", "Silly Sally", "Some Pig", "Virginia Creeper")
E♭5: ("Black And Huge" Live At The National RVA 2015, "Ham On The Bone")
D5: ("Vlad The Impaler" Live At The National RVA 2015 [!])
C♯5: ("Shit Talk", "Blue-Devil")
C5: ("Gor-Gor" Live At The Channel 1991, "Horror Of Yig" Live 2014, "In Love With A Catfish" Live At The National VRA 2015 [!])
B4: ("Knifethrower")
B♭4: ("Blue-Devil", "Knifethrower", "Liner Hymn", "Loud", "U Ain't Shit" Live 2014)

Significant Low Notes:

E3: ("Pointless")
E♭3: ("Madness At The Core Of Time" Live 2014, "Horror Of Yig" Live 2014, "The Road Behind" Live 2014)
D3: ("The Years Without Light" Live 2014)
C♯3: ("GWAR Theme" Live At The Channel 1991, "I Hate Love songs" Live In Norfolk 2014, "Wrong")
C3: ("Crush Kill Destroy", "Jimmy Spit")
B♭2: ("Bloodbath" Live 2014, "Eat Steel", "Liner Hymn", "U Ain't Shit" Live 2014)
A2: ("I Hate Love Songs" Live In Norfolk 2014, "Leave Your Bones Dry", "The Salamanizer" Live At The RVA 2015)
G2: ("Cool Place To Park", "Crush Kill Destroy" Live At National RVA 2015 [!])
F♯2: ("Saddam A Go-Go" Live 2014)
F2: ("Virginia Creeper")
E♭2: ("Tormentor" Live 2014)

*Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.
*Green marks harsh distorted or screamed notes

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