Stuart Ashen

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Stuart Ashen

Post  Insufficient_Platypus on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:06 pm

Voice Type: Baritone
Sung Vocal Range: F2-B♭4
Total Vocal Range: A1-B♭4

Significant High Notes:

B♭4: ("New Sad Onion Theme Song")
G4: ("International Food Special")
F♯4: ("International Food Special")
E4: ("In-Date Jingle")
E♭4: ("City Mixup")
D4: ("Im Improvising A Song")
C4: ("Im Improvising A Song", "Opening A Bag Song")

Significant Low Notes:

C#3: ("Tango Fiesta Jingle", "Whole Chicken In A Can Song")
C3: ("Simpsons Lego Jingle", "Vectrex Opening Jingle")
B2: ("Im Improvising A Song", "Star-Trekking Across The Burgerverse")
B♭2: ("Star-Trekking Across The Burgerverse", "The Halloween Song")
A2: ("Controler Malfunction Imitation", "Everybody's Favourite", "Nasty Goo Song", "Parasite Song", "Whole Chicken In A Can Song")
G♯2: ("Jolly Theme Tune")
G2: ("Chicken Bones Song", "Parasite Song", Simpsons Lego Jingle", "Warm-Up")
F♯2: ("Follicles Song")
F2: ("Happy, Happy Halloween", "The Shifty Witch")
A1: ("The Downsides")

Stuart Ashen "Ashens" is a british YouTuber who reviews random products of dubvious quality. While not a trained singer, he still makes up a lot of jingles and theme songs throughout his videos. While his baritone-voice is pleasing to the ears, he struggles with going off-pitch a lot, as seen in "Im Improvising A Song".
NOTE: Not finished, and probably never will be. This guy has made a lot of videos, and Im not going to go through them all to find notes, but I will add any if I come across them.

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