Dan Lambton

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Dan Lambton

Post  oftheatrium on Fri Jun 24, 2016 2:18 am

Dan Lambton

Dan Lambton, lead singer of Tinley Park, Illinois-based Pop Punk band "Real Friends".

Voice Type: Tenor
Total Range: B♭2-B4

Significant High Notes:
B4 ("To My Old Self")
B♭4 ("Dead", "Late Nights In My Car", "Old and All Alone", "Skin Deep", "Cover You Up", "Summer", "Loose Ends", "Short Song", "I Think I'm Moving Forward", "Stay In One Place", "Mokena", "Well I'm Sorry")
A4 ("I've Given Up On You, "Well I'm Sorry", "Colder Quicker")
G♯4 ("Dirty Water", "I Don't Love You Anymore", "Sixteen", "Spread Me All Over Illinois", "...And We're Just Changing", "Keep Lying To Me", "Empty Picture Frames")

Significant Low Notes:
B♭2 ("Mokena)
B2 ("Old Book")
C3 ("Mokena")
C♯3 ("Eastwick, "Colder Quicker")
D3 ("Well I'm Sorry)


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