Mario Biondi

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Mario Biondi

Post  Clem on Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:30 am

Mario Biondi:
Voice Type: The Air We Bass (Lyric Basso-Buffo)
Sung Range: B1-A4 (2 Octaves + 10 Semitones)
Total Range: B1-A4 (2 Octaves + 10 Semitones)

Significant High Notes:
A4 ("No Trouble On The Mountain")
G♯4 ("A Handful Of Soul")
F♯4 ("Gig", "I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes")
F4 ("I'm Her Daddy")
D4 ("No Trouble On The Mountain", "On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)", "This Is What You Are")
C4 ("Never Die", "No Mercy For Me", "Rio De Janeiro Blues")
B3 ("A Child Runs Free", "A Slow Hot Wind")

Significant Low Notes:
A2 ("A Handful Of Soul", "Never Die", "No Trouble On The Mountain", "On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)")
G♯2 ("A Child Runs Free")
G2 ("A Handful Of Soul", "Rio De Janeiro Blues")
F2 ("A Slow Hot Wind", "This Is What You Are")
E2 ("No Mercy For Me", "Rio De Janeiro Blues")
D2 ("Gig")
C2 ("Rio De Janeiro Blues")
B1 ("A Slow Hot Wind")

Known For Vocals:
As an Italian jazz singer-songwriter. Often compared to Barry White, Biondi's voice is a rich bass with growly (but very solid and stable) lows and a monstrously powerful (though very relaxed-sounding) mid-range. He is not one to use his upper range very often, though occasionally he'll go really quite a lot higher than you'd expect, both in a soft falsetto and sometimes even some heavy-sounding belts. But his greatest vocal asset is his strength and agility towards the bottom of his range, using quick low dips often, and effortlessly speaking down around C2 with steady tone.

Top 10 Vocal Performances:
1. Gig
2. A Handful of Soul
3. No Trouble On The Mountain
4. This Is What You Are
5. Rio De Janeiro Blues
6. I Can't Keep From Cryin's Sometimes
7. A Slow Hot Wind
8. I'm Her Daddy
9. Never Die
10. On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)

Notewatched Albums:
"A Handful Of Soul" - 2006

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