Jonne Järvelä

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Jonne Järvelä

Post  Clem on Tue May 31, 2016 6:56 am

Jonne Järvelä:
Voice Type: Happy Little (Dramatic) Baritone
Sung Range: C2-C5 (3 Octaves)
Total Range: B1-C5 (3 Octaves + 1 Semitone)

Significant High Notes:
C5 ("Runamoine")
B4 ("Native Land")
B♭4 ("Hunting Song", "Northern Fall")
A4 ("Crows Bring The Spring", "Journey Man", "Nuolet Nomalan", "Old Tale", "Paljon On Koskessa Kiviä", "Shaman Drum", "With Trees", "Wooden Pints")
G♯4 ("Happy Little Boozer", "Korpiklaani", "Spirit of the Forest")
G4 ("Beer Beer", "Cottages & Saunas", "Fields In Flames", "Kantaiso", "Tapporauta", "Tuli Kokko", "Under The Sun", "With Trees")
F♯4 ("Nuolet Nomalan")
F4 ("Gods On Fire", "Kantaiso", "Korpiklaani", "Man Can Go Even Through The Gray Stone", "Midsummer Night", "Old Tale", "Spirit of the Forest", "Väkirauta")

Significant Low Notes:
C3 ("Ali Jäisten Vetten", "Crows Bring The Wind")
B2 ("Kirki", "With Trees")
B♭2 ("Spirit of the Forest", "Suden Joiku")
A2 ("Gods On Fire", "Metsämies", "Under The Sun")
F2 ("Wooden Pints")
D2 ("God of Wind", "Hengettömiltä Hengiltä", "Hide Your Richess", "Journey Man", "Kädet Siipinä", "Shaman Drum", "Syntykoski Syömmehessäin")
C2 ("Ali Jäisten Vetten", "Korpiklaani", "Tuli Kokko")
B1 ("With Trees")

Known For Vocals:
As the vocalist for Finnish Folk Metal band, "Korpiklaani". Originally performing as a joik vocalist with Maaren Aikio as the "Shaamani Duo", Jarvela sang in a more traditional Finnish-folk style for the early years of his career. When the duo dissolved, he turned his attention towards heavy metal, forming Korpiklaani, bringing elements of traditional music from different cultures to a metal context. This move saw him take his voice in a much more aggressive direction, using raw and gritty chest belts as well as throaty low singing, being able to get up pretty high and down way lower than you would expect. Whilst this technique sounds rather painful, and is presumably unhealthy, his voice is still holding up surprisingly well to this day, even with drinking to excess being a matter of great importance. A rather interesting voice for a very unusual band.

Best Vocal Performances:
1. Shaman Drum
2. Hunting Song
3. Native Land
4. Crows Bring The Spring
5. Tuli Kokko
6. With Trees
7. Korpiklaani
8. Journey Man
9. Wooden Pints
10. Runamoine

Notewatched Albums:
Spirit of the Forest - 2003
Voice of the Wilderness - 2005
Tales Along This Road - 2006
Korven Kuningas - 2008 (With the exception of track 11, "Kipumylly", as it was not available on Youtube)

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