Arthur Walwin

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Arthur Walwin

Post  infernus2 on Fri May 20, 2016 6:30 pm

Vocal Type: Tenor
Vocal Range: E2 - G5

Significant High Notes:

G5 - ("Dear Tay")
F5 - ("Wrecking Ball")
E5 - ("Dear Tay", "Good Girls", "Where Are Ü Now")
E♭5 - ("Follow You", "Misery Business", "Story of My Life")
D5 - ("3am", "Girls Like You", "Wrecking Ball")
C♯5 - ("Bad", "Hold On", "Love Me Like You Do", "Someone Who Knows", "Void")
C5 - ("Misery Business", "Story of My Life", "This Feels Like Summer")
B4 - ("3am", "Good Girls", "Go the Distance", "Where Are Ü Now", "White Wine")
B♭4 - ("Bad", "Follow You", "Love Me Like You Do", "She Looks So Perfect", "Someone Who Knows", "Wrecking Ball")
A4 - ("3am", "Dear Tay", "Girls Like You", "Seeing Her", "This Feels Like Summer", "White Wine", "Wrecking Ball")
G♯4 - ("Bad", "Follow You", "Void", "Story of My Life")
G4 - ("Girls Like You", "Good Girls", "She Looks So Perfect", "Story of My Life")

Significant Low Notes:

C3 - ("Bad", "Let Her Go", "She Looks So Perfect")
B2 - ("3am", "Seeing Her")
B♭2 - ("She Looks So Perfect", "Someone Who Knows", "Void")
G♯2 - ("Bad")
G2 - ("Where Are Ü Now")
F♯2 - ("Love Me Like You Do")
E2 - ("3am")

*Italics mark non-melodic notes.
*Underlines mark background notes.

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