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Chris Ballew

Post  infernus2 on Thu May 12, 2016 7:03 pm

Vocal Type: Presidential Tenor
Vocal Range: E2 - C♯6

I may remove all of the non-melodic notes in the future, I'm not quite sure if it's Chris or Dave who does them.

Significant High Notes:

C♯6 - ("Naked and Famous")
B5 - ("Lump")
A5 - ("Kick Out The Jams")
G5 - ("Kick Out The Jams")
F5 - ("We Are Not Going To Make It")
E5 - ("Feather Pluckn", "Naked and Famous")
E♭5 - ("Volcano")
C♯5 - ("Candy", "Feather Pluckn", "Lump")
B4 - ("Boll Weevil", "Candy", "Kick Out The Jams", "Ladybug", "Lump", "Peaches")
B♭4 - ("Dune Buggy")
A4 - ("Peaches", "Volcano")
G♯4 - ("Body", "Boll Weevil", "Candy", "Lump", "We Are Not Going To Make It")

Significant Low Notes:

C♯3 - ("Boll Weevil", "Candy", "Feather Pluckn", "Kitty", "Lump", "Naked and Famous", "Peaches", "Stranger", "We Are Not Going To Make It")
C3 - ("Volcano")
B2 - ("Ladybug", "Lump", "Stranger")
B♭2 - ("Naked and Famous", "Peaches")
A2 - ("Dune Buggy" acoustic live on 91X)
G♯2 - ("Dune Buggy", "Feather Pluckn")
E2 - ("Peaches" acoustic live on 91X)

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