Daniel "Dan" Bull

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Daniel "Dan" Bull

Post  Toast on Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:42 am

Voice Type: Tenor
Total Range: E♭2-F♯5
Sung Range: E♭2-F5

Significant High Notes
F♯5 ("Back to the Borderlands")
F5 ("DLC PLC", "New Leaf")
E5 ("Sharing Is Caring", "Red Dead Redemption")
E♭5 ("Everybody Hates Chris", "Sharing Is Caring", "Pewdiepie's Song")
D5 ("New Leaf", "Hey There NSA !")
C♯5 ("John Lennon")
C5 ("New Leaf")
B4 ("Guilty", "Iron Man Mode", "New Leaf")
B♭4 ("Civilization", "Dishonored", "John Lennon", "Hey There NSA !", "Pewdiepie's Song")
A4 ("DLC PLC", "Hey There NSA !")
G4 ("Medicine Ball")
F♯4 ("Dream Girl", "Medicine Ball", "New Leaf", "Hey There NSA !")

Significant High Notes
D3 ("DLC PLC", "Fly", "Medicine Ball")
C3 ("Hitman")
A2 ("DLC PLC", "Rocksmith 2014 Rap" outro)
G♯2 ("Dream Girl", "Everybody Hates Chris")
G2 ("Hey There NSA !")
F♯2 ("Dream Girl", "Rappers React")
F2 ("Hitman")
E♭2 ("Sharing Is Caring")

*Underlines mark notes found within backing vocals, harmonies, unisons, or are otherwise obscured.
*Italics mark spoken or exclaimed notes.
*Green marks extremely harsh or distorted notes.
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