Cianicolay (X Shibuya)

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Cianicolay (X Shibuya)

Post  Shikkaku on Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:05 am

Voice Type: Indonesian Kyo – Alternatively Tenor
Melodic Vocal Range: F♯2-G♯5
Total Vocal Range: C♯2-G♯7

Significant High Notes

G♯7 (“Terhempas Ke Bumi”)
E7 (“Deathly Choice”, “Man:usia”, “Rooted to the Bone”)
D7 (“Prevocalic Blossom”)
C♯7 (“Ars Moriendi”, “Deathly Choice”, “Psycho Killer”)
B6 (“Vanish to Perish”)
B♭6 (“Enola”, “Terhempas Ke Bumi”)
A6 (“Ars Moriendi”, “Man:usia”)
G♯6 (“Enola”, “Invitation to a Beheading”, “Prevocalic Blossom”)
E6 (“Man:usia”)
C♯6 (“Rooted to the Bone”)
A5 (“Man:usia”)
G♯5 (“Ars Moriendi”, “Enola”, “Invitation to a Beheading”)
F♯5 (“Vanish to Perish”)
F5 (“Enola”)
E5 (“Prevocalic Blossom”, “Vanish to Perish”)
E♭5 (“Deathly Choice”, “Man:usia”)
D5 (“Man:usia”)
C♯5 (“Ars Moriendi”, “Deathly Choice”, “Enola”, “Man:usia”, “Psycho Killer”, “Terhempas Ke Bumi”, “Vanish to Perish”)
C5 (“Rooted to the Bone”)
B♭4 (“Invitation to a Beheading”)
A4 (“Ars Moriendi”, “Man:usia”, “Prevocalic Blossom”, “Vanish to Perish”)

Significant Low Notes

C♯3 (“Ars Moriendi”, “Deathly Choice”, “Prevocalic Blossom”, “Vanish to Perish”)
C3 (“Terhempas Ke Bumi”)
B♭2 (“Deathly Choice”, “Invitation to a Beheading”)
A2 (“Man:usia”, “Psycho Killer”)
G♯2 (“Ars Moriendi”, “Enola”, “Man:usia”, “Vanish to Perish”)
G2 (“Invitation to a Beheading”)
F♯2 (“Ars Moriendi”)
C♯2 (“Ars Moriendi”)

*Italycs marks non-melodic notes: eg. intentional low speaking, screamed or growled notes....
Blue marks soft/disconnected falsetto notes.
*Green marks heavily distorted/harsh notes.
*Underlines mark notes found on backing vocals or otherwise obscured/muffled on the mix.

Singer from the incredibly obscure indonesian band X Shibuya, which started as a Dir en Grey cover band before releasing their own material. Visibly influenced by the DeG vocalist, his placement is slightly higher than Kyo's though and his lows tend to be slightly whisperier, but his array of extreme vocalizations is simply impressive. They released only one album and one single yet. You can listen to their music on Spotify.
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