Francesco Megha

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Francesco Megha

Post  Karma's animus on Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:38 am

Voice type: Grungy/Pop Baritenor
Vocal range: E♭2 - F♯5

Associated acts: "9mm" (1998 - 2007) / "Autoreverse" (2007 - present)

Significant high notes:

F♯5: ("The Dance")
E♭5: ("So Scared")
D5: ("Pianeta Marte", "So Scared", "The Dance")
C♯5: ("Io mento", "Satelliti")
C5: ("The Constant Buzzing In My Ears")
B4: ("So Scared", "Satelliti", "The Best" (cover) live)
A4: ("Finirà", "Pianeta Marte", "The Best" (cover) live, "The Constant Buzzing In My Ears")
G♯4: ("Endless Walk", "Foglie Morte", "Glenda", "Io mento", "Late Night Drive", "Muri di Gesso", "Non sogno", "Polvere", "Ti auguro di essere felice", "Way Back Home")
G4: ("Don't Forget", "Forever/Per Sempre", "Hate & Love", "I believe I can fly", "Quanto ti costa", "Sai com'è", "Sangue", "Soli", "Ti auguro di essere felice", "You Helped Me")
F♯4: ("Endless Walk", "Fammi sapere", "Forever/Per Sempre", "Glenda", "Hate & Love", "I believe I can fly", "Late Night Drive", "Muri di Gesso", "Non sogno", "Out Of That Door", "Polvere", "Quanto ti costa", "Sai com'è", "Sangue", "Sempre presente", "Senseless Words", "Sotto casa tua", "Way Back Home", "You Helped Me")

Significant low notes:

C♯3: ("Io mento", "Senseless Words", "Ti auguro di essere felice", "You Helped Me")
C3: ("Muri di Gesso")
B2: ("Endless Walk", "Foglie Morte", "Futuro", "Glenda", "Hate & Love", "Late Night Drive", "Muri di Gesso", "Out Of That Door", "Sangue", "Satelliti", "Soli")
A2: ("Pianeta Marte", "Soli", "Sotto casa tua")
G♯2: ("Fammi sapere", "Futuro", "Late Night Drive", "Muri di Gesso", "So Scared")
G2: ("Sangue")
F♯2: ("Fammi sapere")
E2: ("Sotto casa tua")
E♭2: ("Fammi sapere")

Blue marks clear falsetto notes
Italics mark non sung notes
Underlined notes are sung in harmony, back vocals or in unison
Green marks highly distorted notes

Francesco's best feature is a moderately dark - even though youthful - tone throughout his powerful voice. Versatile singer, during his early years he explored a grungy husky style of singing which still characterizes his high register, but later developed a brighter and breathy sound which he used in few songs (e.g. in "Polvere"). His screams are precise, and show their full potential in the upper 4th/lower 5th octave. The low register is extremely good and solid and there isn't any strain at least down to F♯2. In conclusion, an excellent vocalist and an energetic performer.
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