Will Anderson (Unfinished)

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Will Anderson (Unfinished)

Post  Karma's animus on Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:44 am

Voice type: Tenor
Total range: F2 - E5
Sung range: G♯2 - E5

Associated acts: "Parachute" (2008 - present)

Significant high notes:

E5: ("Under Control")
D5: ("Kiss Me Slowly", "Something To Believe In", "Under Control")
C♯5: ("Kiss Me Slowly", "She (For Liz)")
C5: ("Can't Help", "Something To Believe In", "Under Control", "You And Me")
B4: ("All That I Am", "Ghost", "Kiss Me Slowly", "She (For Liz)")
B♭4: ("Can't Help", "Hurricane", "Meant To Be", "The Mess I Made", "What I Know")
A4: ("All That I Am", "Hurricane", "Kiss Me Slowly", "Losing Sleep", "Something To Believe In", "Under Control", "You And Me")
G♯4: ("Can't Help", "Ghost", "Kiss Me Slowly", "Meant To Be", "She (For Liz)", "The Mess I Made", "Under Control", "What I Know", "Words Meet Heartbeats")
G4: ("Can't Help", "Hurricane", "Losing Sleep", "Something To Believe In", "Under Control", "You And Me")

Significant low notes:

E♭3: ("Can't Help", "She Is Love", "The Mess I Made", "What I Know")
D3: ("All That I Am", "Losing Sleep", "Something To Believe In")
C♯3: ("The Mess I Made", "What I Know")
B2: ("All That I Am")
G♯2: ("She Is Love")
F2: ("Losing Sleep")

Italics mark non-sung notes
Purple marks backing vocals
Blue marks soft falsetto notes

Main singer of "Parachute", he's got a distinctive falsetto which he tends to use in most of his band's songs. His bright and youthful Tenor voice is at home around his passaggio (F4/F♯4) but his mid register is pretty colorful too. He doesn't belt too much above that passaggio area, but when he does he uses a powerful mix which extends up to B4. I bet he could develop other two or three high full notes if he had some proper training. His low register is pretty good too even if he mostly avoids lows when he sings.[/b][/b]
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