Ryan Clark

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Ryan Clark

Post  imdevine on Tue Mar 01, 2016 2:10 am

Associated Acts: Demon Hunter, NYVES
Voice Type: Bass-Baritone
Bass-Baritone Scale: 1.5
Vocal Range: D2-C♯5
RLNA: 9/10
Status: Work In Progress

High Notes:
C#5: ("Hell Don't Need Me")
B4: ("Love My Way", "The Last One Alive")
A4: ("Artificial Light", "Entire", "Beyond Me")
G#4: ("What I'm Not", "Hell Don't Need Me")
G4: ("The Exit", "Artificial Light", "The Last One Alive", "Waste Me")
F#4: ("Fall Behind", "In Time", "Beyond Me")
F4: ("Just Give Up")
E4: ("Fall Behind", "The Last One Alive", "Beyond Me", "The Heart Of A Graveyard")

Low Notes:
D3: ("Something Divine", "Fools", "Idle Thoughts", "Artificial Light", "Entire", "Gasoline", "The Heart Of A Graveyard")
C#3: ("Fall Behind", "The Last One Alive", "I Will Fail You", "Hell Don't Need Me", "The Heart Of A Graveyard")
C3: ("Return", "Just Give Up", "Parasites")
B2: ("Something Divine", "Just Give Up", "Parasites", "Low My Way", "The Exit", "Fall Behind", "Helpless Hope")
A#2: ("Parasites", "The Exit")
A2: ("Fools", "Fall Behind", "I Will Fail You", "Gasoline", "The Heart Of A Graveyard")
G#2: ("Idle Thoughts")
G2: ("Something Divine", "Fools", "The Exit", "Entire")
F#2: "Fall Behind", "I Will Fail You")
E2: ("Beyond Me")
D2: ("Fall Behind", "Entire")

Blue marks non-modal notes.
Green marks harsh/screamed notes.
Purple marks non-obvious notes from backing vocals and notes obscured in the song mix.
*Underline marks backing vocals.

Ryan Clark is a singer for a christian metal band Demon Hunter. Amazing voice with the highest RLNA I know up to date.


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Re: Ryan Clark

Post  glds on Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:46 am

Bass-baritone who isn't singing E1's? Disgraceful!

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