Ian D'sa (Billy Talent)

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Ian D'sa (Billy Talent)

Post  CebeBee13 on Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:33 pm

Voice Type: Tenor
Voice Range: ?-D5 (modal)

D5: ("Devil in a Midnight Mass")
C#5: ("Diamond on a Landmine")
C5: ("Devil in a Midnight Mass"), ("This Suffering"), ("Worker Bees"), ("Fallen Leaves"), ("Covered in Cowardice"), ("Burn the Evidence")
B4: ("Line and Sinker"), ("Lies"), ("Standing in the Rain"), ("Pins and Needles"), ("Where is the Line"), ("The Navy Song"), ("Rusted from the Rain"), ("White Sparrows" demo), ("Turn Your Back")
Bb4: ("River Below"), ("Cut the Curtains"), ("Voices of Violence"), ("This Suffering"), ("Sympathy"), ("Saint Veronika"), ("White Sparrows"), ("The Dead Can't Testify"), ("Definition of Destiny"), ("Lonely Road to Absolution"), ("Viking Death March")
A4: ("This is How it Goes"), ("Living in the Shadows"), ("Try Honesty"), ("The Ex"), ("Prisoners of Today"), ("Red Flag"), ("Surrender"), ("Perfect World"), ("Devil on my Shoulder"), ("Surprise Surprise")
G#4: ("The Ex"), ("Fallen Leaves")
G4: ("This is How it Goes"), ("Nothing to Lose"), ("Tears into Wine" demo)
F#4: ("Try Honesty"), ("Tears into Wine")


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