Lee Dorrian

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Lee Dorrian

Post  Sandblasted on Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:55 pm

Voice Types: From Growling Enslavement to Screaming Obliteration [until 1989]; Reaching Baritone, Touching Pain [1990-1992];  LSD Ryder 13 Baritone [1993 onwards]
Recorded Vocal Range: B♭1-G♯5

Higher notes:

  • G♯5 ("Fountain of Innocence")
  • F5 ("Oro the Manslayer", "Phantasmagoria")
  • E5 ("Alchemist of Sorrows", "Fangalactic Supergoria")
  • E♭5 ("Grim Luxuria", "Fireball Demon", "Hypnos 164", "Oro the Manslayer", "Urko's Conquest")
  • D5 ("Dragon Ryder 13", "Melancholy Emperor", "Midnight Mountain", "North Berwick Witch Trials", "Suicide Asteroid")
  • C♯5 ("Alchemist of Sorrows", "Ashes You Leave", "Fangalactic Supergoria", "Grim Luxuria", "Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)", "Jaded Entity", "Ride", "Suicide Asteroid", "The Voyage of the Homeless Sapien")
  • C5 ("Captain Clegg", "Crown of Burning Stars", "Fangalactic Supergoria", "Fireball Demon", "Grim Luxuria", "Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)", "Melancholy Emperor", "Phaser Quest", "Suicide Asteroid", "Upon Azrael's Wings")
  • B4 ("Ashes You Leave", "Carnival Bizarre", "Cathedral of the Damned", "Enter the Worms", "Fireball Demon", "Fountain of Innocence", "Halo of Fire", "Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)", "Hypnos 164", "Nocturnal Fist", "Phantasmagoria", "Stained Glass Horizon", "The Cross", "The Garden [Pt. 4: Flight of the Reaper]", "Upon Azrael's Wings", "Urko's Conquest", "Vampire Sun")
  • B♭4 ("Birth Machine 2000", "Black Sunday", "Captain Clegg", "Congregation of Sorcerer's", "Cyclops Revolution", "Dragon Ryder 13", "Freedom", "Halo of Fire", "Heavy Load", "Infestation of Grey Death", "Nightmare Castle", "Oro the Manslayer", "Phoenix Rising", "Revolution", "Satanikus Robotikus", "Sea Serpent", "Stained Glass Horizon", "Suicide Asteroid", "The Casket Chasers", "The Garden [Pt. 4: Flight of the Reaper]", "The Omega Man", "Upon Azrael's Wings", "Urko's Conquest", "Voodoo Fire")
  • A4 ("Corpsecycle", "Cosmic Funeral", "Crown of Burning Stars", "Earth Messiah", "Enter the Worms", "Fountain of Innocence", "Heavy Load", "Hypnos 164", "Iconoclast", "Infestation of Grey Death", "Jaded Entity", "Magnetic Hole", "North Berwick Witch Trials", "Oro the Manslayer", "Palace of Fallen Majesty", "Pallbearer", "Phantasmagoria", "Requiem for the Sun", "Requiem for the Voiceless", "Resisting the Ghost", "Revolution", "Satanikus Robotikus", "Suicide Asteroid", "Templars Arise! (The Return)", "The Casket Chasers", "The Cross", "The Garden [Pt.7: Back to the Garden]", "The Running Man", "The Voyage of the Homeless Sapien", "Upon Azrael's Wings", "Utopian Blaster", "Vampire Sun", "Whores to Oblivion")
  • G♯4 ("Alchemist of Sorrows", "Ashes You Leave", "Beneath a Funeral Sun", "Black Robed Avenger", "Captain Clegg", "Corpsecycle", "Cybertron 71 - Eternal Countdown", "Cyclops Revolution", "Dust of Paradise", "Edwige's Eyes", "Fireball Demon", "Grim Luxuria", "Halo of Fire", "Iconoclast", "Melancholy Emperor", "Nocturnal Fist", "North Berwick Witch Trials", "Phaser Quest", "Phoenix Rising", "Requiem for the Voiceless", "Revolution", "Ride", "Sea Serpent", "Stained Glass Horizon", "The Casket Chasers", "The Cross", "The Empty Mirror", "The Unnatural World", "This Body, Thy Tomb", "Tree of Life and Death", "Ultra Earth", "Upon Azrael's Wings", "Voodoo Fire")
  • G4 ("Black Robed Avenger", "Blue Light", "Congregation of Sorcerer's", "Dragon Ryder 13", "Electric Grave", "Enter the Worms", "Freedom", "Heavy Load", "Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)", "Ice Cold Man", "Kaleidoscope of Desire", "Midnight Mountain", "North Berwick Witch Trials", "Oro the Manslayer", "Palace of Fallen Majesty", "Phoenix Rising", "Requiem for the Sun", "Resisting the Ghost", "Satanikus Robotikus", "The Casket Chasers", "The Garden [Pt.2 & Pt. 4]", "The Unnatural World", "Voodoo Fire", "Wheels of Confusion")
  • F♯4 ("Alchemist of Sorrows", "Ashes You Leave", "Beneath a Funeral Sun", "Crown of Burning Stars", "Death of an Anarchist", "Enter the Worms", "Fountain of Innocence", "Iconoclast", "Melancholy Emperor", "Palace of Fallen Majesty", "Ride", "The Casket Chasers", "The Garden [Pt.2: Trouble in the Garden]", "Whores to Oblivion")

Lower notes:

  • C♯3 ("Astral Queen", "Cats, Incense, Candles & Wine", "Death of an Anarchist", "Fangalactic Supergoria", "The Garden [Pt.3: Into the Valley of Violent Orchids]", "Whores to Oblivion")
  • C3 ("Astral Queen", "Edwige's Eyes", "Imprisoned in Flesh", "Journey Into Jade", "Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain", "Serpent Eve", "The Casket Chasers", "The Omega Man", "The Running Man")
  • B2 ("A Funeral Request", "Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain")
  • B♭2 ("Imprisoned in Flesh", "Phaser Quest", "Serpent Eve", "Skullflower", "The Omega Man", "The Voyage of the Homeless Sapien", "Ultra Earth")
  • A2 ("Funeral of Dreams", "Jaded Entity", "Palace of Fallen Majesty", "The Garden [Pt 6: Exit the Valley of Violent Orchids])
  • G♯2 ("Cosmic Funeral", "Ride", "Skullflower")
  • G2 ("A Funeral Request", "Fangalactic Supergoria", "Ice Cold Man", "Requiem for the Sun", "Solitude", "The Garden [Pt 6: Exit the Valley of Violent Orchids], "The Running Man")
  • F♯2 ("The Casket Chasers")
  • F2 ("Birth Machine 2000", "Cybertron 71 - Eternal Countdown", "Templars Arise! (The Return)")
  • E2 ("Cats, Incense, Candles & Wine", "Enter the Worms", "Iconoclast", "Ride", "Sea Serpent", "The Garden [Pt.5: Alarms Bells in Paradise & Pt. 6: Exit the Valley of Violent Orchids]"
  • E♭2 ("Beneath a Funeral Sun", "Black Sunday", "Oro the Manslayer", "Palace of Fallen Majesty", "The Empty Mirror")
  • D2 ("Blue Light", "Equilibrium", "Oro the Manslayer", "Solitude", "The Garden [Pt 6: Exit the Valley of Violent Orchids]", "The Voyage of the Homeless Sapien")
  • C♯2 ("The Garden [Pt.3: Into the Valley of Violent Orchids]")
  • C2 ("Imprisoned in Flesh"?, "Resisting the Ghost", "Templars Arise! (The Return)", "Ultra Earth", "Upon Azrael's Wings")
  • B1 ("Corpsecycle", "Electric Grave")
  • B♭1 ("Templars Arise! (The Return)")

*Violet marks bizarre, deranged screams likely hit under the influence of strong illicit chemicals.
*Italics mark spoken or zombie-esque "moaned" notes

Best known as the frontman for classic doom metal band Cathedral and early frontman for Napalm Death, and current vocalist for With the Dead. Dorrian has gone through quite a considerable vocal evolution over the years, starting out as a pure harsh vocalist in his Napalm Death days; then going through a "transitional" period of sorts with Cathedral's debut Forest of Equilibrium which saw him using a semi-growled yet somewhat melodic style to fit the "despairing" vibe which fits the album's slow and depressing nature; and finally utilizing a very wacky yet clean style from The Ethereal Mirror onwards where he began singing in strange erratic "half-melodies" that somehow perfectly fit into the band's dementedly psychedelic later sound. This tone would later be refined as the band went on into a much more melodic and strong Ozzy Osbourne-esque approach, where he developed a much more impressive high range leading to some fairly surprising performances which can be heard throughout most of his albums from Endtyme onward ("The Garden" especially shows off most of his main vocal strengths imo). In comparison, his lows have been used somewhat fairly consistently throughout his career from Cathedral onwards, although only a few performances show his truly boomy melodic potential (such as "Solitude" and sections of "The Garden"). While not one most would think of when they think of impressive "singers", Dorrian is definitely one of the most unique voices and distinctive figures in the doom metal genre who is clearly capable of some feats one would not expect, and it will be interesting to see if he has any more surprising evolutions up his sleeve....

Please note: While this thread my look fairly thorough already, there's still a few albums of his left to check and in addition; due to his wacky, lysergic nature earlier on his stuff can be fairly difficult to pitch at times, Zedd Squared and I are currently going over it all ourselves however any additional help is appreciated as well.

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Re: Lee Dorrian

Post  Zedd Squared on Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:14 pm

Amazing rock voice!

Also that OP is true beauty. In Love
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