Andy Partridge

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Andy Partridge

Post  Your_Latest_Trick on Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:32 pm

Voice Type: Stage Fright Baritone
Vocal Range (So Far): F2-G5

Significant High Notes:

G5: "Shake You Donkey Up" "Funk Pop a Roll" "Statue of Liberty"
F5: "Senses Working Overtime"
E♭5: "Wrapped in Grey"
D5: "All You Pretty Girls", "Complicated Game"
C#5: "Shake You Donkey Up", "Pale and Precious"
C5: "Mayor of Simpleton", "Wake Up", "Complicated Game"
B4: "The Everyday Story of Smalltown","Burning With Optimism's Flames","The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead"
B♭4: "All You Pretty Girls","Sgt Rock-Is Going to Help Me","King For a Day", "You're A Good Man, Albert Brown"
A4:  "This is Pop?","Do What You Do","Dear God", "Helicopter", "Mayor of Simpleton", "Summer's Cauldron", "Chalkhills and Children","Respectable Street","The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead","Ballet For A Rainy Day",""Rook", "Complicated Game", "Then She Appeared"
G#4: "Science Friction","This World Over"
G4: "Earn Enough For Us", "Senses Working Overtime", "Neon Shuffle"

D3: "Great Fire"
B2: "The Main Who Sailed Around His Soul"
B♭2: "The Meeting Place"
G2: "All You Pretty Girls"
F2:"Pale and Precious"

Summary: The bespectacled singer/songwriter for the underrated 80's band XTC. Though not often known for his vocal prowess, he has a chesty, rubbery voice that compliments the whimsical nature of his music very well, and can reach well into the upper 4th octave without losing his tone. He tends to shriek/use falsetto often which accounts for most of his 5th octave notes. He shares singing/songwriting duties with his musical partner Colin Moulding, who has a noticeably lighter timbre than Andy. Unfortunately, despite his singing/songwriting talents, XTC rarely performed live due to his stage fright, which may have hindered their success in the long run.

*Italics mark probable falsetto notes.


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