Matthew Murphy

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Matthew Murphy

Post  walkingstethoscopes on Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:21 pm

Vocal range: B♭2 - D5

Significant high notes:

D5 ("Pink Lemonade", "Techno Fan")
C♯5 ("Emoticons")
C5 ("Be Your Shadow", "Pink Lemonade")
B4 ("Curveballs", "Emoticons", "Jump Into The Fog", "Little Miss Pipedream")
B♭4 ("Give Me A Try", "My First Wedding", "Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials")
A4 ("Be Your Shadow", "Dr Suzanne Mattox PhD", "Emoticons", "Here Comes The Anxiety", "Patricia The Stripper", "Sex and Question Marks", "Techno Fan", "Your Body Is A Weapon")
G♯4 ("1996", "Backfire At The Disco", "Flowerball", "Greek Tragedy", "Kill The Director", "Let's Dance To Joy Division", "Party In A Forest (Where's Laura?)", "School Uniforms")
G4 ("Anti-D", "Moving To New York", "Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)")

Significant low notes:

F♯3 ("Greek Tragedy", "Sex and Question Marks")
F3 ("Be Your Shadow")
E3 ("Our Perfect Disease", "Your Body Is A Weapon")
B2 ("Curveballs", "Do You Remember" live Triple J Like a Version 2015)
B♭2 ("Be Your Shadow" live Triple J Like a Version 2015)

*Blue marks clearly disconnected falsetto notes.

Matthew Murphy is the frontman of alternative rock band The Wombats. He possesses a very strong belty high register that has improved (live especially) over the years.

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