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Peter Tosh

Post  laci-dowina on Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:49 pm

Winston Hubert McIntosh
1944 - 1987
Voice type: Baritone
Vocal range: E2 - A4

Significant high notes:

A4 ("Testify", "No Nuclear War", "Vampire", "Lessons in My Life", "Come Together", "No Sympathy", "Soon Come")
G4 ("Testify", "No Nuclear War", "Lessons in My Life", "Come Together", "Soon Come", "In My Song", "Nah Goa Jail", "Fight Apartheid", "Not Gonna Give It Up", "Johnny B. Goode", "Get Up, Stand Up", "Downpressor Man", "Steppin' Razor", "Bush Doctor", "Mama Africa", "Glass House", "Stop That Train", "Nothing But Love", "Rok With Me", "One Foundation", "400 Years", "Fools Die (For Want of Wisdom)", "The Poor Man Feel It", "That's What They Will Do", "Rumours of War")
F#4 ("Vampire", "In My Song", "Jah Guide", "Stand Firm", "Till Your Well Runs Dry", "Wanted Dread & Alive", "Buk-In-Hamm Palace")

Significant low notes:

B2 ("I Am That I Am", "Jah Guide", "Moses the Prophet", "Bush Doctor", "Dem Ha Fe Get a Beatin'", "One Foundation", "Rastafari Is", "Here Comes the Sun", "Buk-In-Hamm Palace")
A2 ("Igziabeher (Let Jah be Praised)", "Creation", "Moses the Prophet", "Pick Myself Up", "Stand Firm", "Here Comes the Sun", "Buk-In-Hamm Palace")
G2 ("Creation")
E2 ("Creation")


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