Dave Bayley (Glass Animals)

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Dave Bayley (Glass Animals)

Post  Toast on Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:23 pm

Voice Type: Tenor
Displayed Range: F2-F5

Significant High Notes
G5 ("Youth")
F5 ("Wyrd")
E5 ("Youth")
E♭5 ("Toes")
D5 ("Hazey" Stripped Version, "JDNT")
C♯5 ("Lose Control")
C5 ("Black Mambo", "Hazey" Stripped Version, "Pools")
B4 ("JDNT", "Lose Control", "Walla Walla")
B♭4 ("Black Mambo", "Hazey", "Life Itself")
A4 ("Cocoa Hooves", "Gooey", "Hazey" Stripped Version, "Pools", "Walla Walla")
G♯4 ("Black Mambo", "Holiest", "Love Lockdown", "Toes", "Wyrd")
G4 ("Golden Antlers", "Gooey" Stripped Version, "Love Lockdown", "Wyrd", "Youth")
F♯4 ("Dust In Your Pocket", "Flip", "JDNT", "Psylla")

Significant Low Notes
E♭3 ("Black Mambo", "Golden Antlers", "Hazey", "Holiest", "Psylla")
D3 ("Cocoa Hooves", "Cocoa Hooves Part II", "Gooey" Stripped Version, "Hazey" Stripped Version, "Pools")
C♯3 ("Love Lockdown")
C3 ("Golden Antlers", "Holiest", "Life Itself", "Walla Walla", "Youth")
B2 ("Dust In Your Pocket", "Gooey", "Love Lockdown")
A2 ("Flip", "Gooey")
G♯2 ("Toes")
F♯2 ("Flip", "Toes")
F2 ("Holiest")

[size=37]*Italics mark spoken, exclaimed, or non-melodic notes.
*Underlines mark notes that are found in backing vocals, harmonies, unisons, or are otherwise obscured.[/size]
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