Dido Armstrong

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Dido Armstrong

Post  Strawberry Smoothie on Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:53 pm

Status: Unfinished

Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range: E3-E♭5

Significant High Notes:

  • E♭5 ("Don't Think Of Me")
  • D5 ("Here With Me", "White Flag", "See The Sun (Live at Brixton Academy)")
  • C♯5 ("Don't Think Of Me", "Life For Rent")
  • C5 ("I'm No Angel", "Hunter", "See The Sun (Live at Brixton Academy)", "See You When You're 40")
  • B4 ("Thank You", "Slide", "Don't Think of Me", "Here With Me", "Slide", "Life for Rent", "Grafton Street")
  • B♭4 ("Don't Leave Home", "This Land Is Mine", "Let's Do The Things We Normally Do", "Take My Hand")
  • A4 ("Hunter", "All You Want", "Isobel", "I'm No Angel", "My Life", "Who Makes You Feel", "Sand In My Shoes", "This Land Is Mine", "Closer", "Never Want To Say It's Love", "Look No Further", "The Day Before The Day", "Northern Skies")

Significant Low Notes:

  • B♭3 ("See You When You're 40", "Do You Have a Little Time", "It Comes And It Goes")
  • A3 ("Slide", "Isobel", "My Life", "Stoned", "Do You Have a Little Time", "Never Want To Say It's Love", "Us 2 Little Gods", "Summer")
  • G♯3 ("Quiet Times", "Look No Further")
  • G3 ("I'm No Angel", "Take My Hand")
  • F♯3 ("Quiet Times", "Do You Have a Little Time", "Northern Skies")
  • F3 ("Don't Believe In Love")
  • E3 ("Don't Believe In Love")

Albums checked:
- 1995 - Odds & Ends
- 1999 - No Angel (Checked)
- 2003 - Life For Rent (Checked)
- 2005 - Live At Brixton Academy
- 2008 - Safe Trip Home (Checked)
- 2013 - Girl Who Got Away
- Other songs and b-sides
*Italics mark non-sung notes.
*Purple marks notes in backing vocals or obscured in the song mix.

(I didn't post the thread using just the name "Dido" because it has less than 10 characters and the forum doesn't allow it).
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