Mikael Olsson (Twenty One Two)

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Mikael Olsson (Twenty One Two)

Post  thatsmad on Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:28 am

Mikael Olsson

Voice Type: Tenor

E5: “Comeback
D5: “Comeback”, “Sing”, "Tear In My Heart"
C♯5: “FourFiveSeconds”, “Stay The Night
C5: “Drag Me Down”, “Tear In My Heart”, “Comeback”, “Comeback”, “Geronimo”, “Chandelier”, “Rather Be”, “Sing”,
B4: “Shut Up and Dance”, “Drag Me Down”, “Bad Blood”, “Love Me Like You Do”, “Blank Space”, “Comeback”, “Geronimo”, “Chandelier”, “Cool Kids”, “Cool Kids”, “Rather Be”, “Find You”, “Stay The Night
B♭4: “Shut Up and Dance”, “Tear In My Heart”, “The Days”, “Problem”, “Stay With Me”, “Stay”
A4: “Heart Out”, “Tear In My Heart”, “Bad Blood”, “Love Me Like You Do”, “Blank Space”, “Blank Space”, “Comeback”, “Geronimo”, “Chandelier”, “Cool Kids”, “Shake It Off”, “Rather Be”, “Find You”, “Problem”, “Stay With Me”, “Best Day Of My Life”, “Stay The Night”, “Stay The Night”, “Stay”, “Wrecking Ball”
G♯4: “Shut Up and Dance”, “Talking Body”, “The Days”, “Find You”, “Wrecking Ball”

F3: “Tear In My Heart”, “Sing”, “Best Day Of My Life”
E3: “Drag Me Down”, “Bad Blood”, “Blank Space”, “Comeback”, “Geronimo”, “Chandelier”, “Shake It Off”, “Rude”, ”Problem”, “Sing”, “Pompeii”, “Stay The Night”, “Counting Stars”, “Roar”, “Drown”
D♯3: “Shut Up and Dance”, “Wrecking Ball”
D3: “Bad Blood”, “Talking Body” “FourFiveSeconds”, “Comeback”, “Chandelier”, “Shake It Off”, “Rather Be”, “Find You”, “Problem”, “Stay With Me”, “Pompeii”, “Stay The Night”, “Royals”, “Counting Stars”, “Roar”
C♯3: “Shut Up and Dance”, “FourFiveSeconds”, “Love Me Like You Do”, “Blank Space”, “The Days”, “Shake It Off”, “Problem”, “Stay The Night”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Roar”
C3: “Drag Me Down”, “The Days”, “Rather Be”, “Stay With Me”, “Sing”, “Royals”, “Tennis Court”
B2: “Drag Me Down” “Drag Me Down”, “Talking Body”, “FourFiveSeconds”, “Love Me Like You Do”, “Cool Kids”, “Rather Be”, “Stay With Me”, “Royals”, “Counting Stars
B♭2: “The Days”, “Tennis Court”, “Wrecking Ball
A2: “Love Me Like You Do”, “Cool Kids”, “Tennis Court”

Italics marks notes in backing vocals
Underlines mark spoken or rapped vocals

Singer for Swedish cover band Twenty One Two.

This is my first thread tell me if anything is wrong or if my pitching is off and I'll fix it



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