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Chris Batten

Post  Krzysztof Raymond Howe II on Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:41 am

Vocal Range: A2-E5

Bassist and co-vocalist for Enter Shikari. Surprisingly high-heavy for such a deep and theatrical baritone; he has some very powerful highs, as seen in the blistering B4s in "Mothership", and he tends to take the higher harmonies. Awesome vocalist with most likely more to show as the years pass.

Significant High Notes:

  • E5 - ("Juggernauts" acoustic live 2012 NME)
  • C5 - ("No Sleep Tonight", "Pack of Thieves")
  • B4 - ("Mothership", "No Sssweat", "Stalemate")
  • B♭4- ("Bearer of Bad News", "Ok, Time for Plan B", "Sssnakepit")
  • A4 - ("Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour", "Bearer of Bad News", "Hectic", "Mothership", "No Sssweat", "Juggernauts", "Pack of Thieves", "Quelle Surprise", "Search Party", "Sorry You're Not a Winner")
  • G♯4- ("Adieu", "Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour", "Call Me Maybe" acoustic live 12 NME, "Destabilize", "Ok, Time for Plan B", "Search Party", "Sorry, You're Not a Winner", "Step Up", "We Can Breathe in Space")
  • G4 - ("Antwerpen", "Destabilize", "Hectic" "Juggernauts", "No Sleep Tonight", "Pack of Thieves", "Rat Race", "Sssnakepit", "Stalemate", "Step Up")
  • F♯4- ("Adieu", "Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour", "Call Me Maybe" acoustic live 12 NME, "Jonny Sniper", "Mothership", "Ok, Time for Plan B", "The One True Color", "We Can Breathe in Space")
  • F4 - ("Adieu", "Antwerpen", "Bank of England", "Juggernauts", "...Meltdown", "Never Let Go of the Microscope", "No Sleep Tonight", "Pack of Thieves", "Quelle Surprise", "Radiate", "Sssnakepit", "The Last Garrison")
  • E4 - ("Arguing With Thermometers", "Bank of England", "Bearer of Bad News", "Jonny Sniper", "Never Let Go of the Microscope", "Quelle Surprise", "Rat Race", "Sorry, You're Not a Winner", "The Appeal & the Mindsweep I", "The Last Garrison", "The One True Color")

Significant Low Notes:

  • E3 - ("Rat Race", "The One True Color")
  • E♭3- ("Myopia", "Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here")
  • D3- ("Juggernauts", "Myopia", "The One True Color", "Torn Apart")
  • C3 - ("Pack of Thieves", "Rat Race")
  • B2 - ("Juggernauts")
  • A2 - ("Rat Race", "The One True Color")

*Italics mark non-sung notes.
*Underlines mark harmony notes or notes obscured in the mix.
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