Dylan Frost

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Dylan Frost

Post  walkingstethoscopes on Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:37 pm

Vocal range: B2 - C♯5

Significant high notes:
C♯5 ("Caress Your Soul")
C5 ("Let It All Out")
B4 ("Clouds&Cream")
A4 ("Caress Your Soul", "Kiss The Breeze", "Land of Pleasure", "Let It All Out", "Rum Rage")
G♯4 ("Cyclone" live The Village Sessions)
G4 ("Australia Street", "Bootleg Rascal", "Freddy Crabs", "Sex")
F♯4 ("Bootleg Rascal", "Caress Your Soul", "Feast Your Eyes", "How To Fly", "Laika")

Significant low notes:
C♯3 ("Cyclone" live The Village Sessions, "These Girls")
C3 ("Freddy Crabs", "Sex")
B2 ("Bootleg Rascal", "Freddy Crabs", "How To Fly")
*Purple marks notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.
*Blue marks clearly disconnected falsetto notes

Dylan Frost is the frontman of Australian reggae fusion band Sticky Fingers. He has some impressive high notes, but seems to be inconsistent producing them live. His voice is comparable to early Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, with the same youthful energy and easy highs.

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