Brent Hinds

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Brent Hinds

Post  Will Oliva on Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:45 am

Voice Type: Tenor
Total Vocal Range: G2-D5
Melodic Vocal Range: G2-C5
Associated Acts: Mastodon (2000-Present), Fiend Without A Face/West End Motel (2010-Present)

Significant High Notes:

D5 ("Aqua Dementia", "Aunt Lisa", "Blasteroid")
C5 ("The Last Baron")
B♭4 ("Blasteroid", "Once More 'Round The Sun", "The Last Baron")
A4 ("Aqua Dementia", "Aunt Lisa", "Circle of Cysquatch", "Chimes At Midnight", "Divinations", "Halloween", "Oblivion", "Once More 'Round The Sun", "Siberian Divide", "Stargasm", "The Wolf Is Loose", "This Mortal Soil")
G#4 ("Megalodon", "Siberian Divide", "The Czar")
G4 ("Aunt Lisa", "Colony Of Birchmen", "Curl Of The Burl", "Ghost Of Karelia", "Hunters Of The Sky", "Naked Burn", "Oblivion", "Once More 'Round The Sun", "Quintessence", "Sleeping Giant", "The Last Baron")

Significant Low Notes:

D3 ("Aunt Lisa", "Colony Of Birchmen", "Naked Burn", "Seabeast", "The Hunter", "The Wolf Is Loose", "This Mortal Soil")
C#3 ("Hand Of Stone", "Pendulous Skin")
C3 ("Aunt Lisa", "Hand Of Stone", "Oblivion", "Seabeast", "The Hunter")
B2 ("Pendulous Skin")
G2 ("Hand Of Stone")

*Underlines marks notes in backing vocals or otherwise muffled/obscured in the mix.
*Green marks notes with a harsher delivery [i.e. "barked"/"shouted" notes with less focus on melody]

Lead singer/guitarist of Mastodon and many other projects.

Will Oliva

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Re: Brent Hinds

Post  Princesszolli Demi on Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:16 am

I was actually thinking about making a thread for this guy, at some point. Oh well, gives me less to do lol. Decent job, but don't color the quotes
Princesszolli Demi

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