Farrex's Singing Thread

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Farrex's Singing Thread

Post  Farrex on Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:27 am

So I am a baritone who has trained for four years to become a tenor. So I have developed an incredibly wide range, From sung range Bb1 - C6 and total range E1 - F6. My highest in chest is D5. Four years ago I had almost the same low notes, but I struggled a lot to sing past G4, even in falsetto. So I am very proud of my actual range. However where I struggle the most is in pitch and timbre.

First I would like to show you my baritone range with some clean belting and clean vocals, in my Fall to pieces cover.

Now some example of my high notes. I believe that it is full of C#5 and an A5 in the end, but I am terrible at pitching.


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