Troy Sanders

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Troy Sanders

Post  Will Oliva on Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:34 am

Voice Type: Baritone
Vocal Range: F2-D5
Associated Acts: Mastodon (2000-Present), Killer Be Killed (2012-Present)

Significant High Notes:

D5 ("Blasteroid")
C5 ("Black Tongue", "High Road", "The Motherload")
B4 ("Crack The Skye")
B♭4 ("Black Tongue", "Blasteroid", "Chimes At Midnight", "Curb Crusher", "Feast Your Eyes", "Spectrelight", "The Motherload")
A4 ("All The Heavy Lifting", "Aqua Dementia" live, "Bedazzled Fingernails", "Black Tongue", "Chimes At Midnight", "Crack The Skye", "Curb Crusher", "Dry Bone Valley", "High Road", "I.E.D.", "Iron Tusk", "Octopus Has No Friends", "Once More 'Round The Sun", "Spectrelight", "Stargasm", "The Czar")
G#4 ("Black Tongue", "Face Down", "Feast Your Eyes", "I.E.D.", "I Am Ahab", "Iron Tusk", "Let Darkness Fall", "Megalodon", "Melting Of My Marrow", "Oblivion", "Quintessence", "Snakes Of Jehovah", "Tread Lightly", "Twelve Labors", "Wings Of Feather And Wax")
G4 ("All The Heavy Lifting", "Bedazzled Fingernails", "Blasteroid", "Blood And Thunder", "Colony Of Birchmen", "Crack The Skye", "Curb Crusher", "Diamonds In The Witch House", "Divinations", "Ember City", "Face Down", "Feast Your Eyes", "Fire To Your Flag", "Ghost Of Karelia", "Hand Of Stone", "Hunters Of The Sky", "I.E.D.", "I Am Ahab", "Melting Of My Marrow", "Octopus Has No Friends", "Quintessence", "Save The Robots", "Sleeping Giant", "Spectrelight", "The Last Baron", "Thickening", "This Mortal Soil", "Tread Lightly", "We Built This Come Death", "Wings Of Feather And Wax")
F#4 ("Hunters Of The Sky", "Until Man Exists No More")

Significant Low Notes:

C3 ("Bedazzled Fingernails", "Curl Of The Burl", "The Czar", "The Hunter")
B2 ("Bedazzled Fingernails", "Curl Of The Burl", "This Mortal Soil")
B♭2 ("Forbidden Fire", "Hearts Alive")
A2 ("Bedazzled Fingernails", "Curl Of The Burl", "Forbidden Fire", "I Am Ahab")
G#2 ("Sleeping Giant")
G2 ("Bedazzled Fingernails", "Forbidden Fire", "The Hunter")
F2 ("Forbidden Fire", "Sleeping Giant")

*Underlines marks notes in backing vocals or otherwise muffled/obscured in the mix.
*Green marks notes with a harsher delivery [i.e. "barked"/"shouted" notes with less focus on melody]
*Italics mark spoken notes

Lead singer/bassist of Mastodon and the side-project Killer Be Killed.

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Re: Troy Sanders

Post  Krzysztof Raymond Howe II on Tue Aug 04, 2015 4:55 pm

pretty good so far, I'd suggest replacing brown with green. It's easier to see
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