Landon Jacobs

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Landon Jacobs

Post  jaytee on Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:55 am

Vocal Placement: Tenor
Vocal Range: C2-D5

Significant high notes
D5 (“Ghost”, “Leave You”, “You Haunt Me”)
C♯5 (“Gold”)
B4 (“Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt. I”, (“Witches”))
A4 (“Found You Out”, “Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt. I”, "Where I'm Going")
G4 (“Inferno”, "You Haunt Me", “Ghost”, “Witches”, “Too Far Gone”, “Helpless / Bloodlines Pt. II”, "Floods")
F♯4 (“Gold”)

Significant low notes
E♭3 ("Gold")
D3 ("Where I'm Going")
C♯3 ("Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt. I")
C3 (“Helpless / Bloodlines Pt. II”)
A2 ("Witches")
C2 (“Ghost”)

Landon Jacobs is the lead singer of alternative pop trio Sir Sly. A light tenor, he tends to stay within a very comfortable range, rarely going above G4. The band only have one album, more notes to come.

*Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.
*Blue marks clear falsetto notes.

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