Joe Strummer

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Joe Strummer

Post  Metalhead123 on Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:03 pm

Voice Type: Baritone

Vocal Range: E2 - B5

High Notes:
B5: ("Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)")
A5: ("The Unknown Immortal")
G♯5: ("Dum Dum Club", "Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)", "The Magnificent Seven")
G5: ("Death or Glory", "London Calling", "Washington Bullets")
F♯5: ("Dum Dum Club", "Rock the Casbah", "Rudie Can't Fail")
F5: ("Junco Partner")
E5: ("Rock the Casbah")
D5: ("Overpowered by Funk")
C♯5: ("Jimmy Jazz", "Junco Partner")
C5: ("Overpowered by Funk")
B4: ("Junco Partner", "The Magnificent Seven")
A4: ("Dum Dum Club", "Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad", "Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)", "The Magnificent Seven")
G♯4: ("Know Your Rights", "Maybelline", "Rock the Casbah")
G4: ("Brand New Cadillac", "Cheapskates", "Death or Glory", "Ghetto Defendant", "Guns on the Roof", "Kill Time", "Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)", "The Magnificent Seven", "Tropic of No Return", "Version City")
F♯4: ("All the Young Punks", "Brand New Cadillac", "Clash City Rockers", "Complete Control", "Dum Dum Club", "Four Horsemen", "Garageland", "Guns on the Roof", "Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad", "Let's Go Crazy", "Motor Boys Motor", "Rudie Can't Fail", "Safe European Home", "The Right Profile", "Tropic of No Return", "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais")
F4: ("Cheat", "Cheapskates", "Death or Glory", "Drug-Stabbing Time", "Gloria", "Junco Partner", "Keys to Your Heart", "Last Gang in Town", "Maybelline", "Tennessee Rain", "The Equaliser")
E4: ("48 Hours", "Atom Tan", "Broadway", "Brand New Cadillac", "Car Jamming", "Career Opportunities", "Cheapskates", "Cheat", "Clash City Rockers", "Complete Control", "Corner Soul", "Death or Glory", "Deny", "Don't Let It Go", "Drug-Stabbing Time", "English Civil War", "Four Horsemen", "Garageland", "Ghetto Defendant", "Guns on the Roof", "Hate & War", "Hateful", "I'm So Bored with the USA", "If Music Could Talk", "Janie Jones", "Jimmy Jazz", "Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad", "Keys to Your Heart", "Kill Time", "Kingston Advice", "Letsagetabitarockin'", "Let's Go Crazy", "London's Burning", "London Calling", "Lonely Mother's Son", "Love Kills", "Revolution Rock", "Rock the Casbah", "Safe European Home", "Shake Your Hips", "Silent Telephone", "Something About England", "Steamgauge 99", "Sweet Revenge", "Sweety of the St. Moritz", "The Magnificent Seven", "The Sound of Sinners", "The Unknown Immortal", "Tommy Gun", "Tropic of No Return", "What's My Name?", "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais", "White Riot", "Wrong 'Em Boyo")

Low Notes:
E3: ("Clash City Rockers", "Complete Control", "Corner Soul", "Don't Let It Go", "Four Horsemen", "Janie Jones", "Jimmy Jazz", "Kill Time", "Lonely Mother's Son", "Midnight Log", "Overpowered by Funk", "Safe European Home", "Silent Telephone", "Straight to Hell", "The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too", "The Unknown Immortal", "Washington Bullets")
E♭3: ("Rabies (From the Dogs of Love)")
D3: ("Death or Glory", "If Music Could Talk", "Lover's Rock", "One More Time", "Police & Thieves", "Spanish Bombs", "Straight to Hell", "Version City", "What's My Name?")
C♯3: ("Spanish Bombs", "What's My Name?")
C3: ("Death or Glory", "Love Kills", "Something About England", "The Leader", "Version City")
B2: ("All the Young Punks", "Broadway", "Dum Dum Club", "Junkie Slip", "Midnight Log", "Guns on the Roof", "Straight to Hell")
B♭2: ("Tropic of No Return",)
A2: ("Broadway", "Car Jamming", "Jimmy Jazz", "Love Kills", "Spanish Bombs")
G♯2 ("Look Here")
G2: ("Straight to Hell")
E2: ("Guns on the Roof")

*Purple mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.

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Re: Joe Strummer

Post  indielight on Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:20 am

00.58 - E4
"But he's just like everyone"

1.31 - "Dead!" G4 on backing vocals by Joe?
At 2.03 aprox he shouts a high note too. Its hard to pitch 'cause the recording it's a bit out of tune.

In the 0.53 - 1.04 bit he touches a D3 and a C♯3, and at 1.08 aprox ("are you sleeping tight") he does a weird falsetto thing, not sure about the pitch, though.

0.53 aprox - D3 ("TO spend the night")

0.39 aprox - F4? ("wiIN")

Hope that helps Thumb up

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