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Jeff Chapman

Post  The Long Shot on Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:00 am

Voice Type: Bass
Vocal Range: C♯1-D4

Significant High Notes:

D4: "The Chain Gang"
C4: "Jingle Bells", "Let It Snow", "Pretty Paper", "So Long And Goodbye", "White Christmas"
B3: "Let It Snow", "Oh What A Time"
B♭3: "Jingle Bells", "Mele Kalikimaka", "Sea Walker"
A3: "I Know I'm Going There", "Mister Grinch", "Nicodemus", "Oh What A Time", "Pray For Me", "Sing, Shout, Dance", "So Long And Goodbye"
G♯3: "The Embrace of Grace", "I Know It Was Jesus", "Mele Kalikimaka", "Poorest Man in Heaven", "Pretty Paper", "Sing, Shout, Dance", "When My Master Walks With Me", "White Christmas"
G3: "Good News From The Graveyard", "Jingle Bells", "Let It Snow"
F♯3: "What We Needed"
F3: "The Day Before He Saved Me", "The Embrace of Grace", "Good News From The Graveyard", "I Didn't Know", "I Know I'm Going There", "Let the Lower Lights Be Burning", "Mele Kalikimaka", "Poorest Man in Heaven", "Sea Walker", "Sing, Shout, Dance", "White Christmas"

Significant Low Notes:

C2: "The Embrace of Grace", "The Gift of Salvation", "Good News From The Graveyard", "He Had To Rise", "Holly Jolly Christmas", "I Know He Heard My Prayer", "I've Never Been Loved", "In Your Tomorrow", "Let the Lights Be Burning", "The Lord is Great and Wonderful", "My Anchor of Hope", "Nicodemus"
B1: "Again", "The Chain Gang", "Count On You", "Give Me the Mountain", "Good News From The Graveyard", "He Had To Rise", "I Didn't Know", "I Don't Wanna Go Back", "I've Never Been Loved", "Looking In the Wrong Place", "Oh What A Time", "Only God Would Think of That", "Poorest Man in Heaven", "That Little Bitty Baby"
B♭1: "Again", "Count On You", "The Day Before He Saved Me", "Enjoy the Lord", "Forever Changed", "God's Word", "Hide Thou Me", "I Don't Wanna Go Back", "I Still Believe In Santa Claus", "I Wanna Be The One", "I Want You to Know", "I've Got Something to Shout About", "Mighty Deep Well", "Move That Mountain", "Sea Walker", "True to the Call", "When Jesus Speaks Life"
A1: "The Chain Gang", "The Empty Tomb Says it All", "Everyday People", "God's Word", "Going On With the Song", "He Brought Me Out", "He Had To Rise", "He Lifted Me", "He's Simply Amazing", "I Didn't Know", "I Mean to Be There", "I've Never Been Loved", "In Your Tomorrow", "Jesus Made a Believer Out of Me", "Just A Gettin' It", "Looking In the Wrong Place", "Mighty Deep Well", "Mister Grinch", "Oh What A Time", "Poorest Man in Heaven", "What We Needed", "When Jesus Speaks Life"
G♯1: "Beyond the Gates", "Everyday People", "Going On With the Song", "Greater Vision", "Holly Jolly Christmas", "I Know He Heard My Prayer", "I Know I'm Going There", "I Know It Was Jesus", "I Love to Call His Name", "I Wanna Be The One", "I've Never Been Loved", "Jesus Showed Up", "Jingle Bells", "Just A Gettin' It", "Just Preach It", "Let's Make a Baby King", "Little Drummer Boy", "Mighty Deep Well", "The Rocks Between the Hard Place and You", "That Little Bitty Baby", "True to the Call"
G1: "Everyday People", "Help Me Lord", "I Am the Way", "In Your Tomorrow", "No Bones About It"
F♯1: "Good News From The Graveyard", "I Go to the Rock", "Jesus Called For Me", "Jesus Made a Believer Out of Me", "No Bones About It"
F1: "Where's John?"
E1: "The Chain Gang"
D1: "Jesus Showed Up"
C♯1: "Jesus Made a Believer Out of Me"

*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Long-time southern gospel singer, formerly singing bass for the Anchormen and currently for the Kingdom Heirs. Manages to maintain a very chesty sound throughout his entire range, even down into the lower first octave. His higher range, while not utilized terribly often, manages never to sound strained, but instead retains the same power he uses to project the lower part of his range. All in all, one of the best low bass singers I've ever heard.

There are still a number of albums that I have yet to notewatch, so any help would be appreciated. If you have any other notes that I need to be aware of, don't hesitate to reply!
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