Radek Škarohlíd

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Radek Škarohlíd

Post  Avantiny on Sun May 03, 2015 5:58 am

Voice Type: Nipple Rubbing Tenor
Sung Range: E2 - B5
Total Range: A1 - B5
Summary: Radek Škarohlíd is mostly associated with a czech thrash-rock'n'roll band Hentai Corporation. His voice is especially strong in the 5th and 4th octave but we can very rarely see him moving into the 2nd octave. His voice is very versatile and his stage presence is absolutely insane. Hentai Corporation is definitely a band that deserves a little more love in this world.

High Notes:
B5 ("Johnny" live Hříběcí 2011)
A5 ("Vagon Interview”)
G♯5 (“Johnny”, "Rak and Roll" live Masters of Rock 2012, "Johnny" live Řevnice 2009, "Dr. Zaius" live Pod Lampou 2015)
G5 ("Grave Digger”, “Sladkej Příběh”, “Ethereal Prayer", "Pogo vs. Spartakiade" live 2007, "Grave Digger" Live Rock Café 2008)
F♯5 ("I hate the girl”, "Lost In Tensions”, “Poker Face”, "Brainstorm" live Chmelnice 2008, "Fall Through Spaces" live Chmelnice 2008)
F5 (“Johnny”, “Dokktor Zaius”, “Neurol Machine”, “Would You Give Me More?”, “Sex Evolution”, “Vagon Interview”, “Call Me Womann!”, "Pogo vs Spartakiade" live 2007, "Grave Digger" live Bandzone fest 2009, "Brainstorm" live Chmelnice 2008)
E5 ("Grave Digger”, “Zubatá”, “Naše Kaše”, “Johny”, “Goblin Love”, “In The Atmospheres”, “Samuraj”, “Sladkej Příběh”, “Zas Máš Hlad”, “Rallye Of Crosses” Live Dead End Festival 2011, "Neurol Machine" live Pod Lampou 2015, "Chong Song" live Hříběcí 2011)
E♭5 (“Sex Evolution”, “Naše Kaše”, “Tragedy of Uncle Hitler”, “Vagon Interview”, “No More Love”, “Neurol Machine”, "Rallye of Crosses", "Pogo vs. Spartakiade" live 2007)
D5 ("Do you Waste your time?”, “Sex Evolution”, “Shower”, “Stop That Poisson Man”, “Pán Udíren”, “No More Love”, “Ethereal Prayer”)
C♯5 - ("Would you give me more" live Dead End Festival 2001, “Sodomagor”, "The River")
C5 (“Johny”, “Neurol Machine”, “Stop That Poisson Man”)
B4 ("I hate the Girl”, “Sodomagor”, "Goblin Love" live Pod Lampou 2015)
B♭4 (“Grave Digger”, “Goblin Love”, “Pan Udíren”)
A4 (“Brainstorm”, “Tragedy of Uncle Hitler”, “Ethereal Prayer”, “Samuraj”, “Sladkej Příběh”, Reprák 23. Díl interview)

Low Notes:
F3 (“Johnny”, “Dokktor Zaius”, “Neurol Machine”, “Would You Give Me More?” Live Dead End Festival 2011, "Dr. Zaius" live Pod Lampou 2015)
E3 (“Zas Máš Hlad”, "Goblin Love" live Pod Lampou 2015)
E♭3 ("Call Me Womann!")
D3 ("Do you Waste your time?”, “Brainstorm”, “Naše Kaše”)
C♯3 ("Would you give me more? Live Dead End Festival 2011, "The River”)
C3 ("Would you give more?, “No More Love”, “Ethereal Prayer”, Reprák 23. Díl interview)
B2 ("Sladkej Příběh”, "Dr. Zaius" live Pod Lampou 2015)
B♭2 ("Tragedy of Uncle Hitler" "Dokktor Zaius" live Volyně)
A2 ("Tragedy of Uncle Hitler”, “No More Love”, “Oh Dear Evil Capillarity!”)
G♯2 ("Do you Waste your time?”, “Sladkej Příběh”, “Would You Give Me More?”)
G2 (“Grave Digger", "Private Interview" Brno 2016)
F2 ("Neurol Machine")
E2 ("Private Interview" Brno 2016)
E♭2 ("Grave Digger")
D2 ("Grave digger")
B1 ("I Hate the Girl")
B♭1 ("Ethereal Prayer")
A1 (“Oh Dear Evil Capillarity”)

*Purple marks notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured.
*Underline marks growl notes.
*Blue marks falsetto notes


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