Edward Krakow

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Edward Krakow

Post  Dessy Jr on Fri May 01, 2015 12:48 am

Leader of russian synth - pop band "Sky Fashion" (previously "Ice n Flame", "Krakow", "Cosmic Fruit"). Has a very soft high register and unique tenor - like vocal style.

Vocal type: Soft Baritenor

Melodic vocal range: D2 - E5
Total vocal range: C2 - E5

High notes:
B♭5: "Flower" (demo),
E5: "Shine and go"
D5: "Weather", "Shine and go", "The Ballad" "Waterwall"
C♯5: "Once upon the 90s"
С5: "Weather","Waterwall","Shine and go","The Ballad"
B4: "Staps"
B♭4: "Levitation","Mad", "The Ballad" "Waterwall"
A4: "Money", "I send you my kiss", "Empire",  "Hollywood", "Staps"
G♯4: "Melancholic Park", "Back to life",
G4:  "Waterwall", "Hollywood","Staps", "Flower"  
F♯4: "Ozone", "Waterwall", "Weather", "I am.. you are... always", "Mad", "Once upon the 90s", "Staps",

Low notes:
C3: "Reka", "Real wind highway",  "Waterwall","Ozone", "The Ballad", "Realofobia","I send you my kiss"
B2: "Money", "Raspberrie drink" (acoustic)
A2: "The fall in Atlantis", "Levitation", "The Ballad", "Raspberrie drink" (acoustic),"Angels resort", "I send you my kiss"
G♯2: "Open your eyes"
G2: "Levitation", "Raspberrie drink" (acoustic), "The Ballad"
F♯2: "Melancholic Park", "Staps", "Icy flowers"
E2:  "Once upon the 90s"
D2: "Sexy", "Middle of a day, emptiness"
C♯2: "Flower"
C2: "Flower"

Blue colored notes - Non sung and backing vocals
Red colored notes - Falsetto
Purple colored notes - Whistle notes
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