Ryan Key (Yellowcard)

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Ryan Key (Yellowcard)

Post  tf141soldier on Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:22 pm

Voice Type: Low Tenor
Vocal Range: A2 - B4

Considerable High Notes:

B4 - "Miles Apart", "Only One", "Surface of the Sun"
A4 - "Always Summer", "Breathing", "For You and Your Denial", "Lift a Sail", "Paper Walls", "Ocean Avenue", "Only One", "Sleep In The Snow", "Soundtrack", "Surface Of The Sun", "Way Away"
G#4 - "Awakening", "Be The Young", "Holly Wood Died", "Ocean Avenue", "Only One", "Rough Landing Holly", "Twenty Three"
G4 - "Back Home", "Bombers", "Breathing", "Five Becomes Four", "Fragile and Dear", "Lift a Sail", "Miles Apart", "One Year Six Months" (Falsetto), "Shadows and Regrets", "Sleep In The Snow", "The Sound Of You and Me", "Soundtrack", "Space Travel", "Surface Of The Sun", "Waiting Game", "Way Away"
F#4 - "Awakening", "Back Home", "Be The Young", "Breathing", "For You and Your Denial", "Inside Out", "Life of a Salesman", "Lights and Sounds", "Miles Apart", "Paper Walls", "Rocket", "Rough Landing Hally", "Space Travel", "Surface Of The Sun", "Twenty Three"
F4 - "Empty Apartment", "Grey", "Lift A Sail", "Lights and Sounds", "Powder", "Shadows and Regrets", "Soundtrack", "Way Away"

Considerable Low Notes:

C#3 - "Awakening", "For You and Your Denial", "Holly Wood Died", "Inside Out"
C3 - "Empty Apartment (Acoustic)", "Lift a Sail", "One Year, Six Months"
B2 - "Inside Out", "Only One", "Paper Walls", "Surface of the Sun"
Bb2 - "Shadows and Regrets"
A2 - "Empty Apartment (Acoustic)"

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Re: Ryan Key (Yellowcard)

Post  Rockin' D on Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:11 pm

I think G4 for highs and D3 for lows would be better starting points for him. First reply in over a year! Shocked
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