Michael Semesky

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Michael Semesky

Post  INFINITE POTATO on Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:45 am

Michael Semesky
The former vocalist of The HAARP Machine, Intervals, and he is currently in a band called Raunchy
Vocal Type: Baritenor Methinks

High Notes
F5: Disclosure
E5: Atlas Hour
C5: Esoteric Agenda, From Vanity To Utility, Extension to One, Machine Over
B4: The Escapist Notion
B♭4: Pleiadian Keys, Machine Over, The Escape
A4: Machine Over
G♯4: Extension to One, The Escape
G4: Disclosure, Pleiadian Keys, From Vanity to Utility, Machine Over, Ephemeral, Moment Marauder

Low Notes
C3: Esoteric Agenda
B2: Ephemeral, The Escape

Purple marks notes in the background/harmonies or muffled in the mix
Italics mean non-sung notes, such as spoken or screamed awkwardly

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