Kristian Matsson

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Kristian Matsson

Post  walkingstethoscopes on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:26 am

Vocal range: G♯2 - A4

Significant high notes:

A4 ("Pistol Dreams", "The Wild Hunt", "You're Going Back")
G♯4 ("Burden of Tomorrow", "King of Spain")
G4 ("A Lion's Heart", "Love Is All", "Thousand Ways")
F♯4 ("Burden of Tomorrow", "The Drying of the Lawns")

Significant low notes:
B2 ("Honey, Won't You Let Me In", "Love Is All")
B♭2 ("Thousand Ways")
A2 ("Troubles Will Be Gone")
G♯2 ("Thousand Ways" live KCRW)

Also known as The Tallest Man On Earth. I will hopefully be able to deleted the repeated notes once I research a bit more.

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