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Mark King

Post  MrToddington on Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:13 pm

Mark King

Vocal summary: Fairly moderate approach, usually stays in his mid-range. A lower voice than fellow band member Mike Lindup.
Associated with: Level 42 (1980-1994, 2001-present)
Genre(s): Jazz-funk, pop.
Examples of singing:
"It's Not the Same For Us" (Level 42; World Machine; 1985) - His earlier style, kinda shouty on the higher notes.

"Clouds" (Level 42; Retroglide; 2006) - Showing a more refined approach than his early days, great sustained F♯4 as well as other notes in that area afterward.

"Hours By the Window" (Level 42; True Colours; 1984) - His lower range, getting down to A2 quite easily.
Mark King is the bassist and lead vocalist for Level 42. He usually sticks for a fairly conservative style, not going particularly high - that's usually the job of Mike Lindup and his falsetto notes.
Early on, King's vocals would usually get quite shouty (usually from G4 onwards), however his technique has improved significantly over the years - he easily reaches those notes these days without straining.
Detailed note listing:

High Notes:
D5 ("Rooted")
C5 ("Clouds", "Romance")

B4 ("All I Need", "Changing the Guard", "Heart on the Line (Skeletal)", "Ship", "Sleep Talking", "The Way Back Home")
A4 ("All I Need", "All Over You", "Almost There", "Billy's Gone", "Bitter Moon", "Don't Bother Me, "Dive Into the Sun", "Heart on the Line (Skeletal)", "Hell Town Story", "It's Not the Same For Us", "Love Wars", "Pamela", "Retroglide", "Rooted", "Sleep Talking", "Smile", "The Sun Goes Down" live 2010)
G♯4 ("Almost There", "Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?", "Fashion Fever", "Freedom Someday", "Just Like That", "Seven Years", "Swimming With Sky", "The Way Back Home")
G4 ("Billy's Gone", "Changing the Guard", "Dream Crazy", "Eyes Waterfalling", "Forever Now", "Half-Written Songs", "Hell Town Story", "Her Big Day", "Hot Water" live 2010, "Good Man in a Storm", "Leaving Me Now", "Man", "Model Friend", "Overtime", "Rooted", "Smile", "Something About You" live 1987, "Take Care of Yourself", "To Be With You Again", "Why Are You Leaving?")
F♯4 ("Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?", "Clouds", "Dance On Heavy Weather", "If You Were Mine", "Follow Me" live 1985, "Foundation and Empire", "Love in a Peaceful World", "Resupply", "Take Care of Yourself", "Tired of Waiting", "Tracie")

Low Notes:
C3 ("Eyes Waterfalling", "The Bends", "The Way Back Home")
B2 ("Children Say", "Clocks Go Forward", "Good Man in a Storm", "Love in a Peaceful World", "Past Lives", "Swimming With Sky", "Something About You", "The Chinese Way")
B♭2 ("Freedom Someday", "Out of Sight, Out of Mind")
A2 ("Build Myself a Rocket", "Good Man in a Storm", "Heart on the Line (Skeletal)", "Hours By the Window", "Over There", "Pamela", "Take My Hand")
F♯2 ("Freedom", "Love in a Peaceful World")
F2 ("Hot Water")

*Blue notes are used here to denote any falsetto sounding approaches.
*Purple notes are used to denote backing vocals.
*Green notes are used to denote falsetto sounding notes in backing vocals.

These colours are my own subjective interpretations.
Further listening:

Author Notes:
All of his work with Level 42 has been checked, except the 2013 release "Sirens". I've also checked all his solo releases except "Trash" which I haven't been able to get my hands on yet.

The 2006 album "Retroglide" has a lot of layered vocals (around A4-C5), but I'm not 100% sure if they're King's (I know Lindup didn't do that much vocal work on that album, but Nathan King has some vocal contribution). In the case where I'm not really sure, I've simply refrained from listing them.

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