Christine Rhoades

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Christine Rhoades

Post  Zedd Squared on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:33 am


Voice type: Dreaming Neon Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal range: E3-E♭5

High notes:

  • E♭5 ("Collide", "Reverie for Eternity")
  • D5 ("Garden of Gray", "Lose the Key", "Reverie for Eternity")
  • C♯5 ("Demize", "Dreaming Neon Black", "Reverie for Eternity", "Tragedy and Harmony")
  • C5 ("Chosen Time", "Collide", "Thick Skin")
  • B4 ("Cold Shoulder", "Demize", "Garden of Gray", "Lose the Key", "Meddle", "Tragedy and Harmony")
  • B♭4 ("Chosen Time", "Collide", "Reverie for Eternity", "Tragedy and Harmony")

Low notes:

  • B♭3 ("Chosen Time", "Reverie for Eternity", "Tragedy and Harmony")
  • A3 ("Cold Shoulder", "Lose the Key", "Thick Skin")
  • G♯3 ("Dreaming Neon Black", "Lose the Key", "Tragedy and Harmony")
  • G3 ("Thick Skin")
  • F♯3 ("Chosen Time", "Collide", "Demize")
  • E3 ("Chosen Time", "Demize", "Meddle", "Thick Sin")

An awesome singer most known for her guest appearances with Nevermore and Jeff Loomis. She's also sang in various underground bands over the year such as The Chauffeur, Flood, Momma Sez, and Meddling Gretel but alas aside from the latter I cannot find any recordings of them. She has a slightly raspy, evocative voice that I'd really like to hear more of.
*Underlined notes are found in backing vocals or otherwise obscured in the song mix.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.
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