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Andrew Huang

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Voice type: Tenor
Melodic range: C2-F♯5
Total range: C2-G♯5

Significant High Notes:
G♯5 ("A to Z 2")
F♯5 ("A to Z 2" Outro)
F5 ("A to Z", "Move Your Feet", "Peaches")
E♭5 ("A to Z 2", "BBQ")
D5 ("Hits of 2014", "Keep On", "Move Your Feet", "Water")
C5 ("Hits of 2014", "Pi Mnemonic Song")
B4 ("Across the Universe", "Changing", "Fortress", "Hits of 2014")
B♭4 ("A to Z", "A to Z 2", "Fortress", "Keep On", "Nipple Ring Song", "Water")
A4 ("A to Z", "Hits of 2014", "Let's Never Be Apart Again", "Pi Mnemonic Song")
G♯4 ("A to Z 2", "Fortress", "Hits of 2014", "Peaches")
G4 ("A to Z", "Changing", "Down", "For Love", "Let's Never Be Apart Again", "Pi Mnemonic Song", "The Sun Always Shines On TV", "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", "We Go Together")

Significant Low Notes:
D3 ("O! What A Lie!", "Peaches", "Pi Mnemonic Song", "We Go Together")
C♯3 ("Across the Universe", "From Now On", "If I Had Your Love")
C3 ("A to Z", "Her Majesty", "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows", "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together")
B2 ("If I Had Love")
B♭2 ("Her Majesty", "Peaches", "Water")
A2 ("Across the Universe")
G♯2 ("A to Z 2", "Rocket", "Song Challenge: Hi-Fi")
G2 ("Peaches")
F♯2 ("Nomming Song")
C2 ("A to Z")

*Blue indicates notes using Kargyraa.
*Underlines mark harmonized and background notes.
*Italics mark non-melodic notes.
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