Ryan Shuck

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Ryan Shuck

Post  tf141soldier on Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:08 pm

Voice Type: Baritone
Vocal Range: F#2 - B4
Melodic Vocal Range: G#2 - A4

Ryan Shuck is a vocalist and guitarist that was originally the lead guitarist of Industrial Rock powerhouse Orgy, before deciding to move on many years later to start his own project with fellow Orgy guitarist Amir Derakh. The band was cryptically named "Julien-K"; in this setup, Shuck does lead vocals. He has contributed to a number of projects as well, such as Mindless Self Indulgence, Decode Radio, and - most notably - a side project called "Dead by Sunrise" where the members of Julien-K and Orgy collaborated with Linkin Park.

Ryan Shuck is a baritone, and he's got really good range - he has great control over the notes he can hit and he has a very characteristic voice, sinister-sounding yet passionate. Sometimes he shows some tenor-ish qualities, especially in Colorcast, but his low notes are quite powerful.

Significant High Notes:

B4: "Disease"
A4: "Disease", "Colorcast"
G4: "This Machine", "Everyone Knows", "Disease", "Colorcast"
F#4: "This Machine", "Waking Up", "Dreamland", "Disease", "Killing Fields"
F4: "Waking Up", "Someday Soon", "Killing Fields", "Colorcast"
E4: "This Machine", "Disease", "Flashpoint Riot"
Eb4: "Dreamland", "Stranded", "Killing Fields"

Significant Low Notes:

Bb2: "Kick the Bass", "Stranded", "Killing Fields"
A2: "Flashpoint Riot"
G#2: "Kick the Bass", "In the Darkness"
F#2: "Disease"

*Blue marks falsetto notes.
*Italics mark spoken notes, non-sung notes.

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