Jonah Nilsson

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Jonah Nilsson

Post  theellafan on Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:31 am

Vocal range: B2-A5
Voice type: Tenor

Significant high notes:
A5 ("Hit Me")
A♭5 ("Lost in You")
G5 ("Baby", "Rolling in the Deep", "Sayonara Love")
F♯5 ("Circus", "Hit Me", "Lost in You", "Sexy Girls")
F5 ("Lost in You", "Rolling in the Deep")
E5 ("Circus", "Hit Me", "Sayonara Love", "Sexy Girls", "Wake Me Up")
E♭5 ("Baby", "Rolling in the Deep", "Sayonara Love")
D5 ("Hit Me", "Lost in You", "Rolling in the Deep", "Wake Me Up")
C♯5 ("Circus", "Lost in You")
C5 ("Baby", "Hit Me", "Rolling in the Deep")
B4 ("Circus", "Lost in You")

Significant low notes:
D3 ("Hit Me", "Sayonara Love", "Wake Me Up")
C♯3 ("Circus")
C3 ("Baby", "Sayonara Love")
B2 ("Baby")


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