MAH from SiM

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MAH from SiM

Post  エイオーアーの門下生 on Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:48 am

Voice’s type

High tone
C5 ('Upside Down')
B♭4 ('BRAiN', 'EXiSTENCE (TV Edit)', 'F.A.I.T.H', 'Keep it Burnin'', 'KiLLiNG ME')
A4 ('Rosso & Dry', 'Upside Down')
A♭4 ('Blah Blah Blah', 'EXiSTENCE (TV Edit)', 'F.A.I.T.H', 'KiLLiNG ME', 'PANDORA', 'Pieces of Troops', 'We're All Alone', 'WHO'S NEXT')
G4 ('BRAiN', 'Dreaming Dreams', 'DUBSOLUTiON #4', 'EXiSTENCE (TV Edit)', 'Keep it Burnin'', 'KiLLiNG ME', 'Rosso & Dry', 'Same Sky')
G♭4 ('WHO'S NEXT')
Low tone
D3 ('Rosso & Dry')
C3 ('PANDORA', 'RiOT')
B♭2 ('Rosso & Dry')

Two outstanding performances! Thank you for reading this~

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