Elvis Crespo

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Elvis Crespo

Post  Ludwig Van Beethoven on Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:57 am

Voice type: Tenor (and a "range" masturbator in a plane)
Full vocal range: D3-C#5
Sung vocal range: D3-A4

Significant high notes:

C#5 - Quisqueya y Borinquen (music video with Johnny Ventura, also note was in falsetto)
Bb4 - Linda Eh (with Grupo Mania, live in Las Vegas)
A4 - Vallenato en Karaoke
G4 - Te Vas, Pequeño Luis, Ole Brazil, Aficiao (when he was with Grupo Mania), Luna Llena, La Foto Se Me Borro (live in Las Vegas)
F#4 - Tatuaje, Mi Problema Es Mio
F4 - Nuestra Cancion, La Foto Se Me Borro, Ojitos Bellos (when he was with Grupo Mania), Te Vas, Pintame

Significant low notes:

G3 - Pequeño Luis, Te Vas, Ole Brazil
D3 - Te Vas

Well, he has a nasal voice and now I'm focusing on Spanish-language singers to notewatch, I think there are going to be more that I'm going to notewatch in the next couple of months or so. Also his song, "Suavemente" was a huge hit globally, song that is played in a lot of parties.
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