Dominique Lenore Persi

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Dominique Lenore Persi

Post  Zedd Squared on Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:56 am


Voice type: Baby Stealing Alto
Vocal range: C3-F6

High notes:

  • F6 ("Never Come Back")
  • C♯6 ("Mousefood")
  • B♭5 ("Birthday Song", "The Button Has Been Pushed")
  • A5 ("Don't Know", "Dried Moat", "Ziltoidian Empire")
  • G5 ("Don't Know", "Filistata")
  • F♯5 ("Earth", "Spill!")
  • F5 ("A Year of Judges", "Filistata", "Mousefood", "Second Sleep", "Tall Tales")
  • E5 ("Awful Fall", "Dried Moat", "Gathering Fingers", "I Woke Up", "Never Come Back", "So Close", "Spill!", "Splatter", "Tablescrap")
  • E♭5 ("Behind the Days", "Lifeless", "War Princess")
  • D5 ("A Year of Judges", "Dried Moat", "Grubbery (Burnt to a Crisp)", "Mind Your Eyes", "Prankster", "Push Button", "Swimming Hole", "Tall Tales", "War Princess")
  • C♯5 ("Never Come Back", "Spill!", "Splatter")
  • C5 ("Tablescrap", "War Princess")
  • B4 ("Gathering Fingers", "March of the Poozers", "Mileage", "Splatter")
  • B♭4 ("Civil Disguise", "Lifeless", "Push Button")
  • A4 ("Don't Know", "Tablescrap", "War Princess")

Low notes:

  • G♯3 ("Push Button")
  • G3 ("A Year of Judges", "Birthday Song", "Civil Disguise", "Don't Know", "Swimming Hole")
  • F♯3 ("Dried Moat", "Gathering Fingers", "March of the Poozers", "Mileage")
  • F3 ("Civil Disguise", "Mind Your Eyes", "Spill!", "Tablescrap", "Tall Tales")
  • E3 ("Awful Fall", "Civil Disguise", "Filistata", "Gathering Fingers", "Mileage", "Never Come Back", "So Close", "Splatter", "Tall Tales")
  • E♭3 ("A Year of Judges", "Lifeless", "So Close")
  • D3 ("Awful Fall", "Dried Moat", "Gathering Fingers", "Grubbery (Burnt to a Crisp)", "Mind Your Eyes", "Mousefood", "Never Come Back", "Prankster", "Push Button", "Second Sleep", "Swimming Hole")
  • C♯3 ("Dried Moat")
  • C3 ("Behind the Days", "Grubbery (Burnt to a Crisp)")

Dominique Lenore Persi is the multi instrumentalist and lead singer of the avant garde rock/metal band Stolen Babies. An eccentric singer for an eccentric band, Dominique has a dynamic and versatile voice ranging from an easy low range to varying degrees of rasp (including deranged screams) and also a clean head voice. Her theatrical and flexible singing style no doubt takes a certain amount of influence from her own self proclaimed influences such as Danny Elfman and Mike Patton, but is unmistakably unique. She also plays the role of the War Princess Blattaria on the Devin Townsend album Z2.
*Underlines mark notes in backing vocals or otherwise obscured in the song mix.
*Green marks notably distorted and/or screamed notes.
*Italics marks notes non-sung notes.
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