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Chris Hawkey

Post  The Long Shot on Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:51 am

Voice Type: Tenor
Vocal Range: G♯2-E♭5

Significant High Notes

E♭5 ("Tank Top")
D5 ("One More Day", "There's Only One Winner")
C5 ("Favorite Song", "She's Gone", "Tank Top", "There's Only One Winner")
B4 ("North Country", "Now. Here. This", "One More Day", "She's Gone")
B♭4 ("All I Can", "Grading on a Curve", "My Kinda Crazy", "Silos", "Tank Top")
A4 ("Grading on a Curve", "North Country", "Now. Here. This.", "Silos", "Tank Top", "Why Am I")
G♯4 ("Favorite Song", "North Country", "She's Gone", "Today")
G4 ("Fathers and Sons", "Living For You", "North Country", "One More Day", "Only Goodbye", "Tank Top", "Underdog", "Why Am I", "World Wide Crazy")

Significant Low Notes

D3 ("Star Spangled Banner")
C♯3 ("She's Gone")
B2 ("She's Gone", "Tank Top")
B♭2 ("My Kinda Crazy", "Star Spangled Banner", "Underdog")
G♯2 ("Underdog")

*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.
*Underlines mark notes found in backing vocals/harmonies.

Lead singer of the country music band "Rocket Club", as well as a moderately successful solo artist who has gained popularity from hosting his own radio show ("The Power Trip Morning Show", aired 5:30-9:00 AM weekdays on MN-100.3 KFAN). Not a superb lower range, but very chesty and powerful high notes, without any indication of strain. (Example)

This thread is currently incomplete. If you have any other notes that I need to be aware of, don't hesitate to reply!
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